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Thanks Everyone!

I want to thank everyone who donated. You gave $195! $160 of which has gone to the purchase of a lifetime vBulletin license.

Over the next two weeks I’ll be working to get vBulletin installed and hopefully import the current forum posts and users.

What’s Going On Here?

What’s going on is a new domain and a new place for the forum users of the RavingAtheist.com Forum. There will be more information in the future but for now what you need to know is the forum will be moving (I’ll announce the when in the future) and there will be a place for the forum users and new users to start their own blogs.

First, I want to dispel any nasty rumors: I am not defecting from RA’s site. Nor is it my intention to convince people not visit his site. The forum is and always has been my personal project. What I’d like to do here is create a community around the users, not around the RA blog but keeping in mind what originally brought us all together, hence the domain name.

Second, a time line, I am an extremely busy individual. I am hardly able at this time to nail down a deadline of any kind. The forum will be moved sooner then the blogs will be ready. There will be announcements made both here and on the current forum.

Last, what I need is a few volunteer testers. You need to have some general knowledge about the web and how websites and blogs work. Knowledge of WordPress and php are a plus but not necessary. The pay is low, in fact it’s none. I’m a perfectionist and care little about your feelings or patting you on the head. If you feel you meet these requirements, and can put up with me, please email me at admin [at] ravingatheists.com/blog/.