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WordPress iPhone App

WordPress iPhone App

You can use the WordPress iPhone app on your blog. First make sure you go to Settings > Writing and check Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols. Install the iPhone app and login to your blog. If you have any issues try the WordPress FAQ.

Can I delete my blog?

Yes. You may delete your blog by logging in, then going to Tools>Delete Site. You will then be sent an email to confirm this deletion.

Warning: This cannot be undone!

I should note that deleting your blog does not delete your username. If you’d also like your username removed, please contact me and I’ll remove it for you.

New Themes

I don’t really like any of the available themes. Can I make my own.

Can you make your own, no. You can browse the WordPress.org themes and if you find one you’d like to have ask me if I’ll upload it for you.

Many of the themes have extra options. While on the Presentation tab, look to see if there is another link for the theme next to “Themes”.

Spam Comments

“Help! My blog keeps getting spam comments!”

I HATE spam, the meat and the internet kind. So… I have activated the Akismet spam filter for all the blogs. You may check your comment spam by going to the Comments tab > Akismet Spam.

Mistake While Registering

“I made a mistake in my blog name, can you change it?”

Yes. Everything can be changed by the Admin. Your username, your blog address, password, email address and so on. Please email the Admin for assistance (admin [@] ravingatheists.com).

User Names Lowercase

“I registered the username “BobJones” but it’s not capitalized, it’s showing as “bobjones”. How can I fix this?”

You can’t.

Your login and your URL (ravingatheists.com/blog/bobjones) must be lowercase. You can however change your ‘display name’. In your admin panel go to Users->Your Profile. Edit your first name, last name or nick name and click the “Update Profile” button. After you’ve updated, make a new selection from the “Display name publicly as: ” drop down and click the “Update Profile” button again.

For more information please see the WordPress Codex.

Importing From Another Blog Source

“Can I import my old blog from blogger to ravingatheists.com?”

Yes, to import, login to your admin panel go to Manage->Import. Setect the type of blog you’re trying to import and follow the on screen instructions.

Turn Off Smilies

“How do I turn off smilies?”

Go to your admin panel Options->Writing In the “Formatting” section, uncheck the box for “Convert emoticons like -) and -P to graphics on display”. Please see the WordPress Codex for more smilies options.

Comment Options

“I’m trying to figure out how to change my settings on my blog so I don’t have to approve comments but I can’t find any settings to adjust.”

In the admin panel go to Options->Discussion and uncheck “An administrator must always approve the comment”.