I’m not one to ask for money. In fact, I don’t really need extra money to keep this site running, yet. As it is now RavingAtheists.com costs $68 a year. However, server space isn’t free. Currently the site has 1200mb of space, here’s how that breaks down:

Disk Space Usage 71.57Mb
MySQL Disk Space 367.98Mb
Disk space available 760.45Mb

Now, I predict that in 6 months, this site will need more space. Primarily because the forum has a huge database and a lot of users. More space will increase the yearly cost from $68 to $115 (hosting+domain registration). This site is currently hosted with Total Choice Hosting on the Silver Plan. You can see their plans here. (I don’t pay the yearly price.)

My question is; What should be done about the finances? I want to insure that this site is around for years to come. I thought about ads, but I hate ads. The best answer is donations, probably through PayPal. What do you think? Have any ideas?