Hello world!

Hi, this is mentally healthy, aka atheist, Calpurnpiso. My empirical observations that can easily be backed up with evidence are: 1) We are mutated evolved primates. 2) we create thoughts with our brains 3) The thinking & reasoning produced by the brain can be altered & distorted by: a known psychosis, trauma, temperature, apoxya, and psychothropic substances found in the food we eat. 4) A healthy brain, is a well balanced brain. 5 ) when an adult educated brain begins to accept irrational delusions void of reason without been affected by the disruptions mentioned on #3 as if they were based on a tangible reality it would be producing the type of thoughts any neurologist would classify as schizophrenia or temporal lobe epilepsy.

Realizing the similarity between a known delusion accepting psychosis ( schizophrenia) and a delusion accepting faith, it is logical to deduct that a person accepting imaginary friends as if it were real — an imaginary friend, which is usually based on an extraordinary hero/kings, is at the root of all religious beliefs systems — is suffering from my postulated mild form of schizophrenia, religious-psychosis. To the name of the faith I add the word psychosis, to define where the reason absent beliefs of the faith originated from. i,e Christ-psychosis, Hindu-psychosis, islam-psychosis etc.