Hello world!

Hi, this is mentally healthy, aka atheist, Calpurnpiso. My empirical observations that can easily be backed up with evidence are: 1) We are mutated evolved primates. 2) we create thoughts with our brains 3) The thinking & reasoning produced by the brain can be altered & distorted by: a known psychosis, trauma, temperature, apoxya, and psychothropic substances found in the food we eat. 4) A healthy brain, is a well balanced brain. 5 ) when an adult educated brain begins to accept irrational delusions void of reason without been affected by the disruptions mentioned on #3 as if they were based on a tangible reality it would be producing the type of thoughts any neurologist would classify as schizophrenia or temporal lobe epilepsy.

Realizing the similarity between a known delusion accepting psychosis ( schizophrenia) and a delusion accepting faith, it is logical to deduct that a person accepting imaginary friends as if it were real — an imaginary friend, which is usually based on an extraordinary hero/kings, is at the root of all religious beliefs systems — is suffering from my postulated mild form of schizophrenia, religious-psychosis. To the name of the faith I add the word psychosis, to define where the reason absent beliefs of the faith originated from. i,e Christ-psychosis, Hindu-psychosis, islam-psychosis etc.

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  1. Singhon 26 Sep 2007 at 5:28 pm

    This sounds like the pseudo psychological crap that was passed around in the old Soviet States to justify putting believers in mental facilities and Gulags.

    Thanks for providing more proof that atheists do not belong in positions of political power.

  2. Greg a Milleron 17 Oct 2007 at 6:45 am

    I agree but in more general terms that people like ducklings have the tendency to follow. This is instinctive in many and may be a little lazy as we get older and still continue to follow. Others like me realized at a young age that god wasn’t realistic and so I rejected it as a theory. Darwin’s Theory is more factual in my mind rather than theory. Being a nonbeliever isn’t easy in a strict Catholic family so I’ve kept quiet. Now, I just turned 50 and my daughter just turned 12. I finally came out of hiding to her so she won’t be so one sided anymore. I thank “Parenting Beyond Belief” for waking me up. I’ve also joined the local Humanists to keep my sanity. No longer alone.

  3. calpurnpisoon 17 Oct 2007 at 11:30 am

    I wonder what part of: Our brains CREATED god, demons and rest of fantasies and when ACCEPTED as reality is a sign of MENTAL ILLNESS, Mr Singh don’t understand?. Don’t ALL religious beliefs have at their center an IMAGINARY FRIEND? What part of Hitler and Stalin had been brought up with the delusions of Christian beliefs doesn’t Mr Singh understand?

    If it weren’t for Christ-psychosis —were a resurrecting Tooth fairy just like a resurrecting Ganesha, or Vishnu which I am certain Mr Singh accepts as reality — the Inquisition, Crusades, the Holocaust and Gulags would have not occurr. It is easy to talk about “psychological crap” and the Soviet Union committing atrocities in Gulags when one is IGNORANT of ancient History and Neurology.

    One must keep in mind the BRAIN created GOD and that the MORE one knows ( feeding it with knowledge ) the more DIFFICULT it is for others to LIE to you. Believing in a GOD, DEVIL, SOUL and Life after death ( concepts produced by neurons passed with electrical impulses by axons ) is not any different than those deluded beliefs of Santa, the Tooth Fairy, Sauroman, the Boogyman which are as equaly irrational as those produced by schizophrenia or temporal lobe epilepsy.

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