October 23rd, 2006

This is my personal thought about euthanasia. I think that we all have the right to end our lives when we feel that it has become physically too painful to stay alive.Of course, religious freaks think they are always pro life, and they are so narrow minded they don’t see beyond. They don’t take in consideration the individual needs, dignity and rights.
Some fellow Atheists might be against euthanasia also but for very different reasons than religion, and if this is the case I’d like to hear about them.
There are several diseases for which there are no cure so far, and those can take the human body to the end in so much pain that one’s dignity can totally vanish.

Personally, if I ever get a terminal illness, I’d like to end my life with dignity and peace. Of course, I’d choose euthanasia after I’d tried everything possible to stay alive and well. And when that becomes unbearable I’d like to put an end to that through euthanasia, in a legal way, without having to call it suicide.
What’s your opinion?


October 21st, 2006


I  have been ranting against  christians and christianity for a  while already, and frankly, I am getting bored with it.
I don’t think they -christian fundies- deserve my everyday attention anymore.
But I have to admit that insulting them badly in my blog has helped me a lot in regards with several personal issues I had in the past with pathetic christian fundies. Getting the anger out is healthy. I can’t kill christians. I can’t just put them in a huge cheap box and send them to pluto. So I chose to insult them in my blog.
Now, don’t get me wrong and think that I’m becoming a pussy just like The Raving Atheist, no, no señor, I’m just running out of insults, in English or in Spanish. No, really, it gets boring at some point (I think I need to ask Choobus to teach me some new ones)

I got my anger out. Good.

Now I want to start focussing in so many other topics to talk about against christianity, or just topics about issues of life, life euthanasia, abortion, homosexuality, suicide, masturbation…., or just….sex, the pure act of sex, hummmm, delicious….don’t you think so?
Next topic will be hot and wet. Promise.

May I insult christians badly one more time? Fuck you, you horrible pathetic christians!

Hello world!

October 21st, 2006

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