Pitying God

Well, it’s another Saturday, and tomorrow millions of people will go to their church to worship the Christian deity.

You know, in many ways, God is a rather pitiful figure, requiring millions of his own creation to sing his praises and worship him. Many Christians try to justify this by comparing God’s relationship to mankind as a parent’s relationship to their offspring (just as a parent expects respect and obedience from their children, God also expects respect and obedience from us). However, this is a fake analogy – a far more accurate one is the relationship between a computer programmer and their computer program (I use this one quite often since I am a programmer myself). Frankly, it would be quite pitiful if a programmer was to create a program that was designed to tell him how great he was. I mean, your self-esteem would have to be pretty darn low if you needed your ego lifted by your own creation. And yet, this is exactly what God requires of us! Even if God existed, this is not a being worth looking up to. Instead, it is a being that is to be pitied since even we lowly human beings do not need our ego lifted by having our own creations worship us.

I find one of the greatest ironies is that if God truly is what Christians say he is (all-powerful, needing nothing, fully secure in his own sense of worth) then we wouldn’t need to worship God at all (or even recognize his existence). In short, a belief in a powerful God results in an atheistic lifestyle. Only an inferior, insecure being requires worship and recognition (especially from his own creation), something Christians do not seem to realize.

And so, tomorrow millions of Christians will file into churches in stuffy Sunday clothes to pity their god. I pity him as well.