Recently I’ve discovered that atheism is a crime in Brazil, well at least not in the law books, or any other thing; But for the vigilantes that roam Orkut (, they have dominated, destroyed and deleted various communities and atheists profiles, and some just because there’s a mention of demons in it.

They say is religious intolerance to blaspheme, or to write anything like rejecting a god, or saying no to the sunday morning christians. That means, they are right and I’m wrong, in other words, rejecting god, blaspheme, rejecting the christian bullcrap is a crime…for the vigilantes.

Hell… I’m feeling that I’m living the inquisition all over again!

And without counting the countless christians that shows in my profile to threaten my life or to kidnap me or my family because I’m atheist. In summary, this means “My god is an all loving god, is peaceful and its followers are gentle and caring, but I’ll kill any idiot who says otherwise!!”

The useless begining

Well, first post, interesting? Probably not…

I remember, not long ago, i was minding my own business, seated in a bench just skimming through in my incredibly noisy magazine, metal in general. As a “holder of the only and almighty correct belief”, a christian in summary, as he approached me, I looked at him;

Kind of expecting something, that kind of look when you are busy, and yet wondering “what the hell?”. AS he approached me, my suspicions where correct, he was talking about the only truth… well, at the moment I made no comments; so he kept going, and me… well, quiet and just waiting for the punch line.

As he was finishing the subject, he gave me a paper for a free bible, and he asked “do you know the bible”, like a good atheist I am , of course I know it, and its repulsive… but well, i replied “yes, and I don’t like it”. I guess I was too tired to be bothered, in a Friday afternoon where I woke up at 5:30 AM, but even with that I don’t lose my shape… So he directed me the paper, like ignoring my answer, then I replied that action with a simple question;

– May I make a suggestion for the printed bibles?

He looked at me surprised, but yet happy on accepting this kind of comment and said;

– Of course

The I looked at his eyes, and breathing for the crushing momment;

– Well, the papers in the bible could be double faced, as the are too hard to clean my butt with it, plus, the quality of the paper is so bad that it doesn’t even stop the shit leaking in its pages. But great utility though, kind of compact and great for emergency situations when you are at a no toilet paper…toilet…

Then he looked at me, and left, without saying a word…

And me? Well, I resumed to read my magazine article.

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