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This is originally from an older blog that I neglected. I will try and get the concept off of the ground here.


I have grown tired of trolling various Christian and atheist forums (mostly Myspace boards) and refuting the weak apologetics that are constantly offered. I have decided to make this blog “community oriented”. Aside from the occasional post that I come up with all on my own, I will have at least weekly (if I get enough of a response) features where I will post an e-mail that I recieve and my own response. Most of these discussions will probably last for two or three articles.

Getting started:

Do you think there is good evidence that Jesus was an historical person? Do you think evolution is false? Do you think that your religion is the one, true faith? Do you think that a god can be logically proven? Do you think that a non-supernatural origin of the universe and life is impossible? Do you think that non-religion leads to immorality? Do you have any “unconventional” ideas that you think you can convince me of (ghosts, UFOs, 9-11 government conspiracies)?

If you do- and if you are at all capable of having an intelligent discussion- you can feel free to send me an e-mail . There will definitely be few e-mails at first, at least until the blog grows in readership. You can send me your apologetics and I will attempt to both classify and dissect your argument piece by piece. After a thorough refutation (unless the evidence is so profound that I agree with you) you can respond back to me in an e-mail. This will go on for as long as I see fit, when I will start a new e-mail chain/ discussion.

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  2. By Ronald on Oct 29, 2006 | Reply

    As to the connection between a person’s religiosity and morality my overall view is that the relationship is inverse. My impression is that atheists, secular humanists, rationalists, etc seem to have higher levels of tolerance and consideration for other people and the world we all live in. Unlike theists, particularly the more extreme fundamentalists, atheists don’t hate or denigrate gays, lesbians, women, medical advancement throgh stem cell research, science, evolution, Jews, Wiccans, etc, etc. Atheists embrace the natural world.

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