January 18th, 2007

Today is the one year anniversary of my mother’s death.  She fought cancer for 7 years until it invaded her brain, slowly taking her physical and mental capacities.   I know as humans we create milestones and assign meaning to them.   During the past year there have been many times I’ve thought of her, but today is striking me as exceptionally poignant.    Maybe it is that all the ‘firsts’ (Thanksgiving, Birthdays, etc.) since her death have passed and now everything should be easier.


She was a smart, strong, intelligent woman, who influenced me in more ways than I can name.  She was a great person, I wish you could have known her.  


Anyway, the reason I’m writing this is that her honor I’m going to quit the cancer sticks today.   She hated that I smoked and I can’t believe I’ve held on to this stupid habit as long as I have.   With the first baby on the way it is time to stop being a dumbass. Over the last month I’ve cut back to 5 to 7 cigs a day so I hope that will ease the process.  I don’t know if writing my intentions down will help me quit, but it can’t hurt.   Wish me luck.

First blog

December 28th, 2006

Yeah, so I thought I’d join the rest of society and start a blog (yipeefuck for me!).   Pretty original, I know, but I still don’t own a cell phone so I still might as well live in a cave.

There is a lot of stuff going on in my world right now, so I thought this would at least a place to write down some thoughts.   I’m an atheist, my mother recently died after a long battle with cancer, my wife is preggers with our first baby, and I’m trying to quit smoking.   If that doesn’t give me enough angst to write a blog I don’t know what will.   So here I am world.  

And no I don’t have any naked pictures of Bea Arthur, you sick fuck.