Hello world!

My thoughts on the likelihood of stuff

Hello every
one this is my first blog so bear with me if things get a bit jumbled as we go along.

For years now when asked I’ve referred to myself as agnostic. Though after reading and posting at this site for the last few months Im starting to realize that that’s probably a misnomer.

In my opinion all things are possible some things are just very, very improbable. I have a little mental list I keep and when I come across new improbable things I add them in. Currently my list runs something like this. From most probable to least.

1.) Russell’s Teapot (Hey if I ever get my hands
on a time traveling spaceship I’ll put it there myself)

2.) A time traveling space ship

3.) Yeti (anyone have schematics for yeti feet?)

4.) God

5.) The Lock Ness Monster (sorry kids not enough fishes they where to delicious)

The order of highly improbably things changes regularly new things are added and old things are taken off. I find it helps to keep things in perspective or at the very least it helps pass the time.

I was wondering if anyone else has a list like this and if so what makes your list?

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