Dow Jones Industrial Average hits another all-time high.

So the market is in healthy shape right now. The economy in general is doing very well. The housing market has crashed in the past six months, but that is nothing to worry about. Prices of homes have appreciated ridiculously over the past few years due to low interest rates. Home prices are now adjusting back to a reasonable value. Only the flippers are the ones who have been hurt by the crash. Anyone who plans on living in their house for years to come will be just fine.

Anyways, this economy is great! Unemployment is at a record low. Inflation is moderating. Corporate profits remain strong. I am not a Republican when it comes to social issues, but the Bush economic policies, with regards to taxes, is paying off. Reducing taxes actually increased government revenue. This sounds illogical doesn’t it? Well, study up on supply-side economics and the Laffer curve and you  will see why.

The worry I have is the national debt, budget deficit, and social security. These issues will destroy the country much faster than al-Qaeda can. The United States needs to undergo some fiscal responsibility. Cut expenditures now! As for my fellow debtor Americans, you are just as bad. What are thinking?! Personal debt is at an all-time high and the national savings rate is negative! If this trend continues, a much stronger barrier will form between those who are financially responsible and those who are not. The former will control the latter – moreso than now. My fellow Americans, you are screwed and your saftey blanket (the government) is screwed unless the trend reverses. You should only borrow money to make money and never to live off of. The problem is not outsourcing, lay-offs  or low paying jobs. The problem is the expectation of a certain lifestyle that many Americans believe they are entitled to.

Get your act together or you and your descendents will suffer.

To partition Iraq, or not, that is the question.

Two Republican senators (Hutchinson and Santorum) have suggested partitioning Iraq into two or three states, permanently or for an interim period. Would this be a solution or only fuel future violence and war between the states?

Well, let us  consider the Balkans (whom both cited). After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the government of Yugoslavia shattered and the whole country spiraled into regional civil war. Why? Well, they were ethnically and religiously divided.  Strong central governments  were the only thing holding the fractured state together for centuries (the Ottomans, Austrians, and communists).

Iraq is similar. Currently, three  divided groups exist – Sunni, Shiia, and Kurds. Also, Iraq  is historically an artifical state. The Brits and French drew lines in the sand to divide up the conquered Ottoman territory after  World War One.  Strong dictatorships have held Iraq together since. Iraq is, essentially, a creation of the West and  its government has been propped up by the West until Saddam Hussein stopped obeying orders from the United States in the 1980’s.

In my opinion, Iraq should be split up. It  is a more natural  state than the current one and  it would be  reinforced  by over a thousand years of culture and ethnicity. A foreign power cannot come into an area and  radically  change  the situation. This strategy just  does  not work. Not suprisingly, the strategy  usually blows up in one’s face 15 years  later.      

Iraq is an artifical state. Artifical states do not last long.

Obviously, Santorum’s  suggestion is a tactic to aquire more votes. His  position on the war is in lock-step with President Bush. Many Republicans are differentiating themselves from Bush as a campaign strategy. Until we begin hearing these  alternative suggestion from the  Bush Administration will  there ever be serious debate on topic.

1. Is ·ra ·el, pronoun – the name of a war fought in Palestine from the period of 1948 to 2006.