Added New Themes

I’ve added about eight new themes and just like everything else gets outdated so do themes. There will be some oddness going on here (on the main blog) as I switch my theme to each available theme to test it out. I know this makes the main blog a mess but it’s actually the easiest way for me to do it as all the option are available to me, you know, instead of using a test blog.

So if you could please refrain from sending me “Your blog is broken” emails, I’d appreciate it. All other emails worshiping me will be welcome.


The whole site has been upgraded to the latest and greatest WordPress MU. There are some things that are gone now. Sadly some plugins were very outdated but I have added some new plugins. So make sure you look closely under your “Settings”, “Manage” and “Design -> Widgets” menus, you might find something neat. Also if there’s any plugin you’d like added, email me and I’ll do my best to get it installed (if it will work with MU).

I’m putting a lot of time into trying to figure out the best way to include a list of recently updated blogs+latest post in the forum. For some reason it’s not as easy as I originally thought it should be.


The back end has been upgraded. Everything seems to be working properly but let me know if you have issues.

Thanks Everyone!

I want to thank everyone who donated. You gave $195! $160 of which has gone to the purchase of a lifetime vBulletin license.

Over the next two weeks I’ll be working to get vBulletin installed and hopefully import the current forum posts and users.

Banned Ips

I’ve banned a few blocks of IP addresses, of which were used to register splogs here. If you’re getting a 403 error or if someone you know is, please contact me, you’ve accidentally been included in a block of banned IP addresses.

I hate resorting to IP bans and it will only be temporary.