I’ll be upgrading the blogs today. There shouldn’t be any noticible changes. Mostly bug fixes and security fixes.

Hopefully, I will find a solution that works for stopping spam blogs.

New Themes

I don’t really like any of the available themes. Can I make my own.

Can you make your own, no. You can browse the WordPress.org themes and if you find one you’d like to have ask me if I’ll upload it for you.

Many of the themes have extra options. While on the Presentation tab, look to see if there is another link for the theme next to “Themes”.

Financing Opinions

I’m not one to ask for money. In fact, I don’t really need extra money to keep this site running, yet. As it is now RavingAtheists.com costs $68 a year. However, server space isn’t free. Currently the site has 1200mb of space, here’s how that breaks down:

Disk Space Usage 71.57Mb
MySQL Disk Space 367.98Mb
Disk space available 760.45Mb

Now, I predict that in 6 months, this site will need more space. Primarily because the forum has a huge database and a lot of users. More space will increase the yearly cost from $68 to $115 (hosting+domain registration). This site is currently hosted with Total Choice Hosting on the Silver Plan. You can see their plans here. (I don’t pay the yearly price.)

My question is; What should be done about the finances? I want to insure that this site is around for years to come. I thought about ads, but I hate ads. The best answer is donations, probably through PayPal. What do you think? Have any ideas?

Spam Comments

“Help! My blog keeps getting spam comments!”

I HATE spam, the meat and the internet kind. So… I have activated the Akismet spam filter for all the blogs. You may check your comment spam by going to the Comments tab > Akismet Spam.

Mistake While Registering

“I made a mistake in my blog name, can you change it?”

Yes. Everything can be changed by the Admin. Your username, your blog address, password, email address and so on. Please email the Admin for assistance (admin [@] ravingatheists.com).