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Isaiah 53: Jesus or Israel?

Isaiah 53:3; ‘despised and rejected by men…’ This is relevant to Israel if you read Isaiah 60:15, Psalms 44:130 – 14 but, Jesus was followed by multitudes (Matthew 4:25), applauded a prophet upon his triumphal entry in Jerusalem (Matthew 21:9 – 11), rulers feared a riot of the people so they had Jesus taken by stealth (Mark 14:1 – 2), was praised by all (Luke 4:14 – 15), had a multitude bewailed his fate while being taken to be crucified (Luke 23:17). Jesus does not seem to match the picture of a despised and rejected man.’ Isaiah 53:3; a man of pains and accustomed to illness…’ Israel’s adversities are often likened to illness: Isaiah 1:5 – 6, Jeremiah 10:19, and 30:12.

Isaiah 53:5; is the famous mistranslation, it’s not FOR, it’s OF (Israel’s suffering stems from their [nations] deeds and sinfulness), a theme developed in Jeremiah 10:25, and 50:7.

Isaiah 53:7; he was opposed, and he was afflicted, yet he would not open his mouth; like a lamb to the slaughter he would be brought, and like a ewe that is mute before her shearers, and he would not open his mouth. Psalms 44:17 – 18: David speaks of Israel’s faithfulness in the face of gentile oppression. Psalms 44:22, 11: David portrays Israel as sheep to be slaughtered in the middle of the unfaithful gentile nations. Isaiah 52:4 – 5: Israel is said to have been oppressed and taken away lacking cause. Now, Matthew 27:46, John 18:23, and 36 – 37: Jesus did not, and he would not open his mouth,when faced with oppression.

Isaiah 53:8; for he was cut off from the land of the living; because of the transgression of my people, a plague befell them. If this verse is about Jesus then it must mean that he was unrighteous because only the unrighteous will be cut off. Joel 1:9 and Jeremiah 33:18 explain this. The end of this verse shows the oppressed servant is collective servant,a plague befell them.

Isaiah 53:9; and he gave his grave to the wicked, and to the wealthy with his kinds of death, because he committed no violence, and there was no deceit in his mouth.Matthew 10:34, 21:12, Mark 11:15-16, Luke 12:51, 19:27 and 19:45; did Jesus do no violence?

Isaiah 53:10; and the Lord wished to crush him, he made him ill; if his soul makes itself restitution, he shall see children, he shall prolong his days, and God’s purpose shall prosper in his hand.Where are Jesusphysical descendants, his children? The Hebrew term used always refers to physical descendants. Jesus died young, and if Jesus was God, how does God prolong his days?

Isaiah 53:12;therefore, I will allot him a portion in public, and with the strong he shall share plunder, because he poured out his soul to death, and with transgressors he was counted; and he bore the sin of many, and interceded for transgressors.Israel will be rewarded for righteously suffering from the sings of the world and remained faithful (Psalms 44). If Jesus is God, why would he need to be rewarded?

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