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The Synoptic Problem is valid. Large segments of Matthew and Luke are word-for-word transcriptions of Mark. Large segments of Matthew and Luke are word-for-word reproductions of each other. Matthew and Luke share material not found in Mark. Luke 1:2 mentions that he (or she) consulted other works. The Q document is a hypothesized lost textual source for Matthew and Luke. If you compare the Greek verses of Matthew 3:7-10 and Luke 3:7-9 you will see that not only do they recount the story in the exact order but using the exact same words (copy and paste). Q as shared oral tradition cannot account for the nearly identical word-for-word parallels between Matthew and Luke thus; Q must be a written document. Q also was written in Greek because if the document was written in another language it would be improbable that two independent translations would have the exact same wording. If you subtract Mark from Matthew and Luke and take the common textual elements between them, then Q would be a collection of Jesus’ sayings and teachings (Pappias mentions a sayings gospel and the gospel of Thomas which is a sayings gospel has parallels with Q).

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Thanks for strnitag the ball rolling with this insight.

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