I’d love to see the shallow people over at the World View Weekend site try to argue against these!

Ahh they’d probably just dismiss me as a "pathetic atheist" as I have been called many times!

It’s been pleasing to see there has been a great deal of atheist feedback posted on Steve Cornell’s ridiculous article It’s not easy being an atheist.

If you forgot, I debunked all the points raised in this article here in It’s not easy being an atheist… apparently!

Several weeks after the he published his silly article, Steve Cornell has come out of the dark and posted a comment regarding our rebuttals. And it’s pathetic!

ScienceBoy responds to the first World View Weekend article to lierally make him sick: Blaming religion for worst atrocities by the increaingly twisted Steve Cornell.

It seems his hairline and decency are both fading.

ScienceBoy responds to the icky named Do You Smell Like A Christian by Mark Cahill.

A lot of what I said on the previous post applies to this garbage too! When will people realise that preaching doesn’t work?! And I hope I don’t “smell” like him!

ScienceBoy reponds to Patrick Burwell’s Islamaphobic and childish article The Blessing.

When will people learn that if you trash their beliefs they’re not going to like you?

If you’re an Atheist, or a “believer in Science” such as myself, I’m sure you’ll find this article hilarious!

ScienceBoy responds to It’s Not Easy Being An Atheist by the always unbiased and logical Steve Cornell and takes great pleasure in discrediting every point he makes!

I was desperately looking for a sarcastic undertone in this guy’s writing, but after reading it several times I think he’s actually being serious!

ScienceBoy reponds to Ralph C. Barker: another nut preaching the end of the world in The World After America: Coming Soon. I guess there goes my ticket to everlasting salvation!

ScienceBoy repsonds to the hilarously titled The BARBARIANS and staying home by Harry Valentine and takes great pleasure in discredeting every point he makes!

ScienceBoy repsonds to The Dangerous Nature of Homosexuality by J. Michael Sharman and asks himself why are the religious right so homophobic?

23rd Nov, 2006

Hello world!

“I was mortified: the misleadingly titled World View Weekend was actually the website of a hard right-wing conservative religious network! That in itself I would normally have found fine, until I read some of their articles. Never before have I read such blatently biased, factually inaccurate and more disturbinly hate filled material. Not only do they promote hatred and sterotypes toward other belief systems, they make a mokery of other peoples’ values and they take pleasure in ridiculing the secular.”