Tangled Webs…

For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to… accompany this little Fundy girl. She’s a very sweet woman, if a little immature, and I find her amusing. The only problem stems from the fact that she’s “involved” with this other Fundy guy, that (she admits) treats her abusively (verbally) and borrows a large sum of money from her. Why does she stick with him? A: He’s dead fucking sexy. B: He’s a Christ-Puncher too. C: She ‘loves’ him.

I can’t compete with that.

In either case, we’ve been spending some time together, and during that she disclosed to me (in a casual way) that a past acquaintance of mine had come out as a homosexual. Since the sixth grade people have been telling this boy that he was a homosexual, and forever he had denied it. I’ve defended him countless times in the past, almost coming to blows. Anyhoo, I asked him what the hell was up when I stumbled upon him the other day, and he blew up at me about it! He complained to the little girl, and now she’s annoyed at me. Probably won’t spend thanksgiving with me either. (Her parents are going out of town, and I thought I’d invite her to the breakfast me and my father were having that day.) Oh well, we’ll see what we see.


Well, that took long enough. Apparently Yahoo! just didn’t like wordpress.

So, what is there to say about the Snap that hasn’t been said? I will posit my musings on this blog-thingy to see what ya’lls thinks.

Are you prepared?