Going to Church?

It’s a tradition in my family to go to church on Christmas Eve, sing in the choir, and then go back home afterwards for food and presents.   Last year, even though I was set in my atheism, I still went.  

But I’m becoming more and more pissed off at Christians, especially after all the gay-marriage bans that were passed in some states; at least Arizona did right.   Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to church this year on Christmas.   I just can’t support such a vile institution any longer.   My parents might be upset, but my dad hasn’t been going to church lately and he didn’t sing on Easter.   He’s been talking big about how the church just wants your money and shit, but I think he’s really not going to church to spite my mom.   He won’t be able to say a thing about it.   Plus church just sucks.   My grandparents might flip, but I don’t care.

It won’t be a big problem.   My boyfriend and my sister’s husband try every year to get out of going to church, and my brothers never go.   They’ll be happy about it and hopefully I’ll get some support from them.


So,  on the Friday  before Halloween, some friends and I went to see Electric Six at First Avenue in Minneapolis.   It was pretty kickass.   Check out their video for their most well known song, “Gay Bar,” here:


Then, on Saturday, we went out dressed in costume.   I was a pirate, inspired by the Flying Spaghetti Monster (PBUHNA).   Because my friends don’t drink, we went to Gophers After Dark, which is a program that puts on free events for people who like to have good, clean, often boring fun.   There was a comedian there who was extremely inappropriate and fucking hilarious.    He talked a lot about porn and masturbation, but the best part was when he mentioned the  Baby Jesus Butt Plug.    I sincerely hope that my ueber-Christian friend was deeply  offended.   Check  out the butt  plug and other religious toys here:  


Last night, I went to my first meeting of Campus Atheists and Secular Humanists.   I think I’ll go back next week when they will be  putting on a debate between two lawyers about Separation of Church and State.    

I was amused that they talked about many of the same things that we talk about here at RAs; Ray Comfort’s banana, FSMism,  Ted Haggard, Richard Dawkins, etc.   I’m excited about this.

What’s up

So, today I turned in my confirmation materials to the learning abroad center to reserve my place in my study abroad program.   I’m excited and nervous.   Mostly I dread leaving my boyfriend, otherwise I’m pretty excited.   I think I’ll feel much safer in Germany than I do here in the States.   Mostly because of the lack of guns and random violence.   I’ll still be cautious of course.  

So I’m looking forward to being out of this sinking country.   Even if only for 5 months.   Does everyone know that habeas corpus is DEAD!   This means the U.S. government can basically kidnap you for any reason.   They can hold you idefinitely, without telling you what you’ve been charged with.   But I guess not many people care.   They still have their automobiles and ipods.   Hurray complacency!

Seriously people, it is so easy for us to lose our rights and so difficult for us to get them back.  

My 2nd Post

Let’s talk about why I’m an atheist, shall we?   I think the most accurate way to describe it is that I just grew out of it.   Around junior high, I started thinking and asking questions and shit.   Then I became interested in paganism.   I used to be into ghosts, astrology  and tarot cards, too.   Then I became increasingly uninterested in paganism and religion in general.   Then I got to thinking that all that mystical hooey was just all crap that has no basis in reality.   Tada! Atheist.

I think part of the reason I was a theist for so long was because I love to sing.   Music can be very moving for me and I also used to sing in church.   I may have mistook my love for music and singing for the love of gawd.

I am pleased to announce that I am  now an official member of Campus Atheists and Secular Humanists at the University of Minnesota.   I wonder if any of them are familiar with this site.   Hmmm

This is my blog!

Weeee, this is my blog!   You might have noticed that my blog is affiliated with ravingatheists.com/blog/.   Yes, this is a blog by an atheist who is very critical of religion and prone to blasphemy at times.   Mmmm…. blasphemy.

The boyfriend tells me I’m intolerant, but I don’t think this is the case.   I would never try to harm people unless they were trying to harm me.   However, I respect no religion.   Even though Buddha is fat and happy and there’s a two foot statue of him in my living room, I do not kiss his ass like many people do.   Even though religions may not be equally dangerous, they are all equally stoopid.

 This is my blog.   Teehee!