Been there, done that.

In the United States, almost every atheist was raised with religion. American atheists know what it’s like to pray and expect to be heard. We know what it’s like to live to honor God. We know what it’s like to appreciate God’s blessings. We know what it’s like to have a heart filled with warm magic, and have our minds blissfully fulfilled when contemplating the deeper meanings of life. We aren’t atheists due to a lack of experience with God. We’re atheists because we’ve come to understand the truth that there are natural explanations for all the wonders in the world, even those things we once personally believed to be magic. We understand that we experienced God because we wanted to, or expected to, not because we have a personal relationship with Him. We’ve come to understand that at some level we always knew that God was make-believe, like a little kid pretending to be successfully hypnotized by his friend. Eventually, we just stopped pretending. Shouldn’t you?

One thought on “Been there, done that.

  1. How does the highly educated atheist-turned-theist fit into all of this? The one who was raised in an atheistic home and lived their adult life as an atheist until recently. They’ve been there, done that too.

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