It’s a Miracle!

On Friday I took my wife to her appointment with Dr. Whitten, and he cured her of her blindness. He clamped her eye lids open, numbed her eyes, cut a flap in each eye, pulled the flaps back and zapped her eyes with a laser. Then he brushed her eyes off a little, and put the flaps back. He gave her some drops to put in her eyes every couple hours, and sent her on her way. The whole procedure took only a few minutes.
My wife was never really blind; at least not by today’s standards. However, in a world without glasses, contacts, or lasik, she would be considered blind since everything farther than 1 foot from her eyes used to be blurry.

In the time that Jesus was supposed to have lived, what Whitten did for my wife would be considered a miracle. I don’t believe that Jesus actually cured anyone’s blindness by spitting in their eyes, but I am positive that my wife drove to work this morning without glasses or contacts.


Science can actually accomplish things religion only claims to do.

Some people would thank God for a successful surgery. I’d like to thank Dr. Whitten for the effort he put in to his schooling, and his career. I’d also like to thank everyone else who worked to develop the lasik procedure, and build the machines that make it possible. Thank you for working to help improve people’s lives here on Earth… the only life we can be certain we’ll have.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Miracle!

  1. You are putting forth a false dilemma – science or God. Certainly both can participate here.

    In light of that, I’d like to thank God for giving non-living materials the ability to live and learn so that Dr. Whitten could educate himself and performed the surgery well.

    (Is this post acceptable or will it get deleted like the last one?)

  2. I’m a little confused about SteveK’s comment “Id like to thank God for giving non-living materials the ability to live..”

    Is Dr. Whitten a Zombie?

    No offence to Dr Whitten he sounds very nice and not zombish at all thus my confusion.

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