Ask Not What You Can Do for Your Country

Ask what freedoms you’ll allow your fellow citizens.

I’m not suggesting that we eliminate laws that protect people’s rights, or protect the environment, etc. I’m suggesting that we don’t need laws that prohibit actions that can’t harm any unwilling participants. “Victimless crime” should be seen as an oxymoron. For instance, the act of prostitution has no victim. Prostitutes want to sell their services, and their customers want to buy them. Some people argue against legal prostitution by trying to connect it with other crimes, such as assault and rape which are already illegal and don’t fall under the “victimless crime” category. These people like to tout statistics about how often prostitutes are raped and assaulted without considering that by prohibiting prostitution we have forced prostitutes to deal only with criminals. What these people need to consider are the statistics surrounding prostitution in areas where it is legal. The same goes for gambling and recreational drug use. When only criminals are taking bets or selling drugs, it’s no surprise that these activities are so often connected with true crimes.

Another concern when considering the prohibition of drugs and gambling is the addictive nature of these activities. Because of this, the customer can effectively become an unwilling participant. However, we shouldn’t prohibit those citizens who can gamble and use drugs responsibly from doing so. What we should do is license these activities, and license drinking alcohol as well. These activities can be dangerous, and it’s important to make sure that people understand the risks involved. It’s also nice to be able to take people’s licenses away when there is evidence that they are irresponsible. For instance, if a man got drunk and beat his wife, he could be charged with assault and additionally have his drinking license revoked. It might be best to have an age requirement for obtaining a license, but age alone does not prove a responsible nature. Similarly, a driver’s license does not show up in the mail on your 16th birthday. It seems as though a driver’s license has taken on some of the roles for which a drinking license should be used. Most people use a driver’s license as proof of age when purchasing alcohol, when they should be asked to present their alcohol consumption license. When caught drunk driving, people often have their driver’s license suspended when there is little reason to prohibit them from driving sober. But as it stands, there is no way to keep them from being served alcohol in a bar far away from home the very same night.
I can see no justification whatsoever for laws regulating what consenting adults are allowed to do together in a sexual nature when in the privacy of their own homes.
In general, we should be looking for ways to extend more freedoms to more people without putting ourselves at risk. If the activities described in this post make you uncomfortable, I suggest you don’t partake in them.

One thought on “Ask Not What You Can Do for Your Country

  1. we already have something like that in canada with medical marijuana. your license is a prescription. however, there are also doctors who will ‘prescribe’ it to you even if you have no disease, so there’s already corruption present in this system. it also doesn’t make sense that those who have a genuine prescription still have to deal with drug dealers…although from the few I’ve known (from high school, not deals!), here they’re mostly just opportunistic young guys rather than the evil, gun-toting idiots we expect them to be. maybe that’s just pot/mush dealers though…
    (gees, I’m getting so damn off-topic I should just get my own blog)

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