It Begins….

I figured it would be about time to start writing on this.

My name is SuX0rZ and i have been a confirmed atheist for about…. 4 years or so, but i have been an unconfirmed atheist for my entire life.

Here are my thoughts:

1. There is no God

2. God is not ‘dead’ as dead implies that God ‘existed’ at some point

3. The Time Cube Theory is fucked up

4. Christianity only is because it keeps those who cannot keep themselves in check, in check

5. I would rather marry a heathen than a ‘born again christian’

6. I was born right the first time

7. Life is just life…. nothing more, nothing less

8. I would love to debate the in-existence of god for once

9. I would lov eto try an argue from the christian p.o.v too

10. If you have read all ten and haven’t told all your friends about this then YOU WILL GO TO HELL

Hopefully i will write more soon.