That would be me.

Where was I?

I know, I was looking for the Code of Ethics for Atheists because my sons have become them.   And they dis-respected me.   And when you’re Christians, you can say, “Christians don’t do that.   But  now that they are  Atheists, I don’t know what to tell them because I don’t know what atheists do.

Fortunately, I was able to go straight to the top on this one.    I went and saw grandma.   She is 90, and she lives with my sister, and as we snapped beans and peeled potatoes and I aid, “Mom.   The boys have disrespected the hell out of me.”   I did not tell her that the boys had proclaimed their  Atheist status.   She is 90 and I  don’t want her death on my conscience.   Mom watched the way I snapped the beans, and nodded approvingly as I took the ends off and then she said, “Forget it.”  

Which annoyed me.   Asking me to forget my sons being rude to me is like asking me to pretend there are no clouds in the sky.   It can’t be done.   Except on a cloudless day.   But, since the clouds always come back, I was in a pickle.      

“I can’t forget it mom,” I said patiently.   “They did it on purpose so that I would know that they were purposefully disrespecting me.   And they’re not babies anymore.   They’re grown men.   Mom nodded, and then said, “Forgive them.”  

And that was the end of that.  

My  Atheists are forgiven.   But because I am who I am,  I went out today and got two kitschy, cute  goldfish.   One of them covers  up the picture of  one son, and the other covers up the picture of the other son.   My daughter and my oldest son  stay just as they are.   And someday, *** willing, I  will feel impelled to take the fish away.    But it sure as hell won’t be today.  

Today I am packing for the cottage, where I will enter a Christian  enclave.   There will be church every day.   And you think you’ve got it bad.   I will skip, because pantheists are allowed to.   I can worship *** at the seashore.   You guys will doubtless stomp around in a huffy circle because the fish has got away.   I will be back.    In about a week.

I will be expecting to hear that there is something that  Atheists are good for besides making their mother’s cry.   Like maybe that you’re brave?   Loyal?   Trustworthy?   Help little old ladies across the street?  

Now that I have family in the congregation, I’d like to know when it’s my turn to bring  cookies for the coffee.   Or prayer room?   I’m good at prayer room.   Or telling distraught souls to go in peace?   I could do that  too.   Now I have to pack.    Oh, yes, and after you’ve figured out the Code of Ethics and what Atheists actually are?   I would like  to know if there are  any good-looking girls in the group.   My sons are hot.  


P.S.   I think they’re actually clown fish, now that I come to look at them.   Which makes me Dory.

P.P.S.   Stephen darling.   You must think I’m mad.   Forgive me please.   It’s all that bottled water.   I think they’re putting something in it.   I’m going to start drinking mine from the tap.


Thank you Stephen.

I really liked the part about not cutting their foreskins off.   The Doctor already did.     It was back in the day when everybody did it?   At the time, we didn’t now.

I hate the idea of taking whatever numinosity is around our planet and labelling it GOD.   It’s like calling a piece of music, The Toccata and Fugue in D-minor and expecting that to say what it is.

I don’t know what the guiding force to life is.   But I feel it in everything, so I have to acknowledge it somehow.    Pantheist does it for me, with Christian ties, because, because, it would just be like *** to throw down the impossible for the people *** created.   I think.  

Thanks so much for  taking the time to write.   I only take issue with your one statement that respect is earned.   I don’t believe that.   I think people can have all the  toys and dress the part and they still don’t have my respect.   I believe respect is given, and I’d like to send a little your way for taking the time to help out.


Non-techno geek.

lmao.   Thanks for the invite, but my expertise on a computer is limited.   I can’t even see what I’m writing just then because of the post-slugs and discussion tabs.   Back in the grey zone here, and now I’m in the light.   There are so many choices, that I can’t make one.   But if you sent me the keystrokes to get to the forum, i could probably make it there.   The spirit is willing, the mind is challenged.   And while son’s respecting their mother’s is a prime favorite of mine, i’d kind of like to see the ethos that Atheists aspire to.   Help please?

Code of Ethics?

My son’s just told me that they are Atheists, and I was wondering  if  Atheists have a code of ethics that they follow.      This is mostly because my sons were a little bit rude to me and I wanted to tell them  that they weren’t honoring their mother, but I couldn’t  because that would be dishonoring their choice.    I think.   At any rate, does anyone know the answer  to this?