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lmao.   Thanks for the invite, but my expertise on a computer is limited.   I can’t even see what I’m writing just then because of the post-slugs and discussion tabs.   Back in the grey zone here, and now I’m in the light.   There are so many choices, that I can’t make one.   But if you sent me the keystrokes to get to the forum, i could probably make it there.   The spirit is willing, the mind is challenged.   And while son’s respecting their mother’s is a prime favorite of mine, i’d kind of like to see the ethos that Atheists aspire to.   Help please?

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  1. I think I get where you are coming from and I’ll try and help.
    I expect that you want to be able to give your sons guidance in life.
    In which case you are going to have to get up to speed in thinking about reality as it is.

    If you are American, I suggest you contact American Atheists, ( and express your concerns and ask for help there. It is also an association that it might be good for your sons to know about. Anyway, look out for associations that are relevant to your geography.

    Life is fragile. You will respect that fragility *more* when you consider that life is not made. It took 3 billion years to come about out of natural forces. It is not replaceable. If you and your sons honour that thought, you will realise that it is a powerful notion for driving a care (a reckfulness!) for life.

    We are all in the same boat. We are thrown into life without a paddle. We are all subject to “the luck of the dice”. That should ferment respect for people’s different circumstances, experiences, and histories, and ferment compassion for others (and consideration for mothers!)

    Bad things happen because of the randomness in nature. That randomness is essential to generating life. You won’t begrudge the bad stuff, if you realise that all the good things that happen spring out of the randomness too.

    Evolution would not have happened if animals were not mortal.
    Mortality gave/gives an opportunity for evolution to happen, and it allowed humankind to come about. It was and is vital to us being here in the first place. Knowing this, death can no longer phase you or your sons. You shall be glad that mortality is a fact of life, because it allows everyone to exist in the first place. Knowing this will help mental health.

    Respect is earned, and remember your children have no way of fully appreciating what you do for them until they’re independent! -)

    The best thing you can do for your family is to be honest about life, the universe, and everything, else you cannot you be there for them to help them with its challenges! So be honest: “God” is nothing but a word that is used insanely, and we are more-or-less ignorant of how everything works. Welcome freethought and questioning in your household, and discover life and reality together.

    If you are not honest about “BIG REALITY” then you don’t really care. And they will know it, and will react accordingly!

    Consider that life is driven by cause-and-effect events and outcomes, with a whole lot of random happenstance thrown in. Best of luck!

    Oh, and don’t cut their foreskins off, if you want them to be, well, men.

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