Thank you Stephen.

I really liked the part about not cutting their foreskins off.   The Doctor already did.     It was back in the day when everybody did it?   At the time, we didn’t now.

I hate the idea of taking whatever numinosity is around our planet and labelling it GOD.   It’s like calling a piece of music, The Toccata and Fugue in D-minor and expecting that to say what it is.

I don’t know what the guiding force to life is.   But I feel it in everything, so I have to acknowledge it somehow.    Pantheist does it for me, with Christian ties, because, because, it would just be like *** to throw down the impossible for the people *** created.   I think.  

Thanks so much for  taking the time to write.   I only take issue with your one statement that respect is earned.   I don’t believe that.   I think people can have all the  toys and dress the part and they still don’t have my respect.   I believe respect is given, and I’d like to send a little your way for taking the time to help out.


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  1. Thank you for thanking me, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to write.

    In response to your “I don’t know what the guiding force of life is” I say this:

    I find myself driven by FORCES (plural) beyond my control or prediction.

    I think that if there was one driving force (there isn’t) we would all be going (literally and metaphorically) in the same direction! -)

    Obviously, *I* am not a Pantheist! -)

  2. Oh my. Here’s where it gets loosy goosy. Dear Stephen. Shall I tell you what I’ve been seeing lately? Will you respect me in the morning? Doubt it.

    Anyway, think of this as my Haiku. It can mean anything you like. Oh. did you know that since 1985 not a single request for foreign interest buying into this country has been denied? Didn’t really surprise me, except that it came through my mail box from my MPP and I opened it and I don’t usually.

    Anyway, I took up scuba diving. Had to take the class twice, cause I’m a little slow. I lay on my back in the pool with the respiratory in and watched the big bubbles above me. Lots of bubbles going up. Bubbles are a theme actually. There were some at the wedding last night. Anyway, my chest was tight. I wanted to go to Australia because I wanted to dive the great barrier reef, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I had a lot of trouble with the dive tables, because you need to know how much nitrogen is disolving out of your blood and you need to follow the tables, and I could get from A to B to C but then it all fell apart. I had to go back to A to get the right numbers, but I could not transpose them properly. The teacher finally gave me an oral and he decided I knew my stuff, even if I couldn’t write it down. Sweat was literally dripping off my nose and onto my pink shirt.

    Bubbles, by the way, stay solid in glass. I think it’s important to know. And everything looks upside down in glass bubbles, but it’s very pretty. I had planted some daisies, but they never flowered. Now I have some lemon thyme and sage. I’ve seen a lot about China, but they don’t really worry me. My cousin is visiting two children her children adopted there. For that matter, I have cousins in Australia. There are snakes there. And I have trouble listening to, “I come from a land down under.” It upsets me.

    A friend of mine, whom I haven’t seen for a while, broke 100 bones in her body and her neck. A car going the wrong way crossed the median. Her baby boy, named Hops, died. She needed 14 transfusions of blood. I put my hands on her legs and belly and she asked me to pray that she have another baby. I said, “You will”. She has a wicked scar on her arm. It’s at least 8 inches long. And my girl has the same scar. It is now a fashion accessory.

    Finally, there are blue and white paint marks on the drain outside my apartment. The (have to check) the blue comes first, on the third iron grate and the white comes on the fifth. And my bamboo is important. There were two sticks of it and they died. (Who can kill bamboo?) But they weren’t really dead, so I added water and stuck them behind a curtain. And a long time later there was 1 leaf on the one, and three leaves on the other. Oh. And I have a flowering maple and two little jade trees doing well. I suppose I should tell you that I cruised to Brazil. Not terribly impressed. I liked Venezuela. A cabby told me their military police were bad, but the other kind were good. And he was in voluable favor of Chavez. I liked him. I also have a camel in my livingroom that is a focal point. It is proud as punch. Head held high. And I have a muslim prayer rug on my couch. It shows the tree of life. There are two trunks and they twine together. It is a luminous blue. Heed it well. (Oh. alright. I added the heed it well part.) Anyway, you can have no idea how exhausting it can be reminiscing. I’m going for a little vacation with the family. As far as driving forces are concerned, I hate to say it, but when you need a little help, you have to ask for it. I know it’s not a good look for you? But…there you go.

    By the way. I had a dream that a bridge between where I used to live and where I later lived had blown up right smack in the middle with flames shooting straight up. And I lay on the ground on my side of the bridge and thought, “Why didn’t anyone tell me”. But I drove over it the other day and it is fine. And I liked the analogy about the watch, because I threw my pearls and rings off my balcony. Hugs and kisses. Wendy

  3. No. Carico was a somewhat insane person on the forums, who you may be.

    From this point forward I will view you as only a source of entertainment or curiosity because no serious sane person could type what you typed on Monday, July 23rd, 2007 at 4:42 pm.

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