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  1. The United States is not a Christian Country
  2. The Pledge
  3. Is the US Government Founded on Christian or Non-Christian Premises?
  4. Marriage
  5. Separation of Church and State: A Big BS Story
  6. Afraid of a Number
  7. Christian Forums — Fundies Say They Wouldn't Vote Me As President
  8. two things
  9. Theism and Marriage
  10. Freethinkers: a history of American secularism by Susan Jacoby
  11. I am taking on the Theists in my home town and I need help
  12. Faith, Dopes, and Chastity
  13. State Endorsed Worship as Penance
  14. Religions role in the growing Population Problem
  15. Religious court rulings
  16. Religion in School
  17. Spain has gay marriage
  18. Good Article on Gay Marriage
  19. your aim sn's
  20. Those Two Dreaded Words..
  21. Belief vs. Reason, or Faith vs. Doubt
  22. Heres something you'll all enjoy :D
  23. Why is christmas a public holiday?
  24. Gays getting married, bad?
  25. Presidents
  26. Pack your bags we are off to the Czech Republic!
  27. Blasphemous Art and Federal Funding
  28. Christian teen forum disturbs me.
  29. Are athiests gay ?
  30. NASA Backs Bible!
  31. George Bush Jr.
  32. For you theists out there taking notes...
  33. FCC hires Bible-thumper as adviser
  34. Crusaders 'R US
  35. pro`s about state church
  36. 'Under God'?...
  37. Under God?
  38. Sick and tired of religion of the people by the people!!!
  39. Saudi Arabia's Unfair Laws
  40. mandatory viewing of "The god who wasn't there" movie
  41. If we put all religious people in one area would they kill each other?
  42. Local Minister says, I can't use the Bible to prove it is false.
  43. disestablish CHurch of England
  44. Start Praying......
  45. Does organized religion give "God" a bad name?
  46. You who voted Bush deserve what you got.
  47. Pledge of Allegiance Unconstitutional
  48. Those crazy Christians need to mind their own business
  49. Arkansas Constitution
  50. Devil in Details
  51. "This is a Christian nation"
  52. Bush the Bad Samaritan??
  53. Senator says storms are punishment from God
  54. Aborting black babies in this country would reduce the crime rate
  55. How do you feel about a born again Christian in the Whitehouse now??
  56. God told me to invade Iraq
  57. Great Blog >> Seperation of State and Superstition!
  58. Abstinence, HPV and church/state separation
  59. Christian Exodus
  60. Treaty with Tripoli
  61. Religion in School? SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT'S GOIN ON!!!
  62. Scopes Trial Redux
  63. Separation of Church and State.
  64. Questioning Democrazy
  65. 10 Commandment displays in court - Hollywood stunt?
  66. THe American Religion
  67. Meirs withdraws from Supreme Court nomination.
  68. Need Your Opinion
  69. What is there to teach
  70. Establishment Claws
  71. Christian Capitalism
  72. Save Americka, say no to Jesus.
  73. I am for any war that Christians start as long as they fight it.
  74. Kansas Board Approves Challenges to Evolution
  75. Pat Robertson needs a lobotomy
  76. Why does JC hate America?
  77. Won't someone think of the children?
  78. Link: Articles on Christian Dominionist Movement in US
  79. Dear Atheist Abby
  80. Intelligent Design and the First Commandment
  81. Christmas Trees, In Public Schools
  82. Satanism in schools
  83. Atheist Reply to Annoying Religious Forwards
  84. School Board sends out Christian Themed Holiday Card
  85. Evangelists: There is no Gravity! It's a LIE!
  86. Help with "Godless" paper
  87. Is Our Children Learning Yet?
  88. PZ to Behe: Get Bent
  89. It's That Time Of Year Again...
  90. Need help for article rebuttal.
  91. Christian principles
  92. Secular Law
  93. Nebraska Cornholers
  94. Censorship
  95. Bush NASA appointee quits - Non-survival of the fittest
  96. Religion is for the dishonestly ignorant
  97. Science to IDiots: Drop Dead
  98. Tony Blair comes out as a Christian
  99. The bravest woman in the middle east
  100. The Pledge of Allegiance
  101. 'Shut up, atheists'
  102. NPRadio: American Theocracy
  103. Faith-Based Hooey
  104. Tom Delay Sees War On Christianity in US
  105. 2 Questions
  106. God's Own Party
  107. An Interesting Question on Liberty
  108. Queers Ate My Religion
  109. Guess what pissed me off this week…
  110. Stumpin' with Jeebus
  111. what snap has been doin'
  112. The Saudis are a prime example of why you NEED this seperation.
  113. Dorks put comandments statue on their lawn.
  114. Fundies at their finest
  115. Marxism in the Bible
  116. A victory...of sorts
  117. Do Atheists swear on the bilbe?
  118. Atheism under 'social democracy"
  119. Shit Lord III's apologist
  120. Cities names
  121. Does Bush think he is God's Delivery Boy.
  122. Relgion in School (UK)
  123. More governmental discrimination
  124. "Afghans restore Taliban-era ministry of vice"
  125. Does this frighten anybody else?? it should
  126. Stoning gay people, and other fun stuff
  127. God chooses our rulers
  128. Innocent Mistake? You decide.
  129. US Representative: Seperation of Church and State a lie.
  130. Evolution not granted
  131. Balkanization, the legacy of religious communities.
  132. Out of committee: H.R. 2679 (The 'towns can stomp your rights act')
  133. Religion under attack. Damn gays!
  134. Happy Hudood
  135. Dollar Dollar Bill Yall
  136. A new old story...with a twist.
  137. Closing on Sundays is religious discrimination!
  138. Sea Funding
  139. Amerika
  140. Amish people suck
  141. Teacher or preacher?
  142. Faith-Based Monkeys
  143. Foxhole atheist quits
  144. Keith Ellison, D-Minn will not swear into office with Bible....
  145. Petition to No. 10
  146. Courageous high school student
  147. Breaking-up day in Church
  148. West Valley City in Utah (USA) promoting religion?
  149. Cobb County To Remove Stickers on Science Texts
  150. More Crap: Atheist Discrimination in the army
  151. Selected Immigration
  152. University Endrosment of Religion
  153. Why is God everywhere I turn?
  154. Every Sperm A Person Day
  155. It is 2006, and Canada is supposed to be progressive
  156. They're all over the place!!!
  157. Straight Talker
  158. Merkins 2008
  159. What will happen to Bush?
  160. THIS JUST IN: Islam preventing peace in the Middle East
  161. Hurley's Indian wedding an insult, Hindus tell court
  162. National Science Olympiad to be held in...KANSAS?
  163. National Day of Prayer
  164. At school
  165. A Conundrum
  166. Does Satan have a green card?
  167. GOP Debate
  168. You people are really pissing me off today.
  169. Christians hate us for our freedom
  170. Atheists in Foxholes
  171. US Islamic in 20 years? Seems a little alarmist.
  172. Dems love Jeebus too
  173. Teaching Religion
  174. FFRF still at it
  175. Pope's olive branch to China a telling move!
  176. Criminalize Christianity
  177. Hindu prayer in Senate interrupted by protest
  178. I wish someone would send me to this camp
  179. Kill or Convert, Brought to you by the Pentagon
  180. The source of America's religious vitality: the First Amendment?
  181. "God" in the Texas pledge
  182. Church Influence Kills Free Thought
  183. Where the 2008 candidates stand
  184. Ontario Election:Conservative Leader Wants To Fund Faith Schools
  185. Sweden: Here I come!
  186. I wish the church would Sod Off
  187. Fuck the Pledge
  188. Lucky Americans
  189. How Do Christians Spin This
  190. Give me back my tax money!
  191. Europe is awesome
  192. The Golden Thread
  193. Blackwater is Christ's Army
  194. I dine on garbage and mouse droppings
  195. Mike Fuckabee 2008
  196. Colorado attempts to out-stupid Kansas!
  197. U.S. teen births rising
  198. Tax dollars at work.
  199. Religion of Peace? - - My Bollocks
  200. House Resolution 888
  201. Blasphemy Bullshit
  202. Huckabee: Amend Constitution to be in 'God's standards'
  203. Shunned
  204. What was the will of the lawmakers regarding religion?
  205. One candidate's statement on the pledge
  206. Senate Panel Should Reject Federal Court Nominee Honaker, Says Americans United
  207. Court overturns sex toy ban in Texas
  208. UK will not abolish faith schools
  209. Americans United Deplores California Pastor's Renewed 'Death Prayer' Campaign
  210. WTF is with Ellen Johnson?!?!?!?
  211. No playoffs for Jewish basketball team
  212. question on church and state
  213. Creationists can't fail Earth Science: Oklahoma
  214. UK - Embryo Research Bill
  215. proclamations containing religious advice
  216. Humanism in RE Classes
  217. Thank you, LibertAryans!
  218. "E Pluribus Unum" petition
  219. France
  220. Texas Bible Classes
  221. leave churches free to mind their own affairs but tax the hell out of them
  222. A Look At Sarah Palin
  223. Opinions on Michigan Messenger
  224. "God Bless America": Violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment?
  225. An awful prediction but Obama will be assassinated
  226. Are We Free Yet?
  227. Edjermication? - Bring It On.
  228. Judgement; ID on trial
  229. This is what you get from two devout presidents
  230. Election/Inauguration
  231. National Science Standards?
  232. Arrogant Catholic Bastards
  233. End of an Error
  234. So help me...
  235. Inaugural Freak Show
  236. Religion-only education
  237. Bill Maher asks Barack Obama a question regarding faith
  238. Free Speech continues to be eroded by the UN
  239. Merkins 2009
  240. Obama: America is not "a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation."
  241. The End of Merkin Christinsanity
  242. So help me God
  243. New Krusty Katlick Kunt
  244. Obama Threw Atheists Under The Bus In Egypt
  245. Say Your Fuckin' Prayers!!
  246. Paddy Fights Back
  247. forever in every direction
  248. A truly refreshing Christian
  249. Some ACORN goodies
  250. Who the heck is "Glenn Beck"