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  1. YAY! I'm the first to post here!
  2. What Kind of Homo?
  3. Evolution of complex organs
  4. Interview with Richard Dawkins
  5. Black Hole Flight Simulator
  6. Intriguing Martian Mysteries
  7. Absolute Zero
  9. The sun
  10. The Butterfly Effect
  11. Chimps Show Hints of Higher Human Traits
  12. Magazines...
  13. Evolution Bill Stirs Debate On Origin Of Life, Religion
  14. Phil Plait commentary for JREF's Swift
  15. Has evolutionary science made visible contributions?
  16. Is it possible for an Atheist to not believe in evolution
  17. Help
  18. Abiogenesis
  19. Evolution; science or fiction?
  20. Bush vs. Science
  21. Intresting Rain in Kerala
  22. New Study Provides Crucial Genetic/Evolution Support
  23. BBC - This just in
  24. This guy is begging to be ridiculed
  25. Water, Water Anywhere?
  26. Move Over Black Holes, There's a New Kid in Town
  27. This Is Your Brain On ...
  28. Penn and Teller-Animal Rights
  29. Current Problems form another Evolutionary Prediction
  30. Google Mars
  31. Incorruptible bullshit?
  32. Meat Machine
  33. Double-infinity
  34. The DNA Nebula
  35. Gravity and gravitons
  36. Evidence for Universe Expansion Found
  37. Math vs. ID (among other things)
  38. The Missing Day
  39. The big bang's 'smoking gun'
  40. Random, non-religious question
  41. The NLC
  42. Mechanics: Instantaneous Centers
  43. Another Homo?
  44. OSU Chimp Center closed
  45. Pseudogenes
  46. Prayer isn't so good for your heart afterall
  47. New source of Energy???
  48. Oh noes! Jeebus walked on ICE, not water!
  49. Now We're Walking! Another Ground-Breaking Evolutionary Link FOUND!!!
  50. The latest 9/11 conspiracy theory
  51. New Transitional Animal
  52. Professor Predicts Human Time Travel This Century
  53. what is the near term future of PC's?
  54. Snake Oil Salesmen, Quacks, Charlatans
  55. Jesus + Science = Satan's tummy.
  56. NOT! "Science" Books Aimed at Little People
  57. Carbon Dating proves creationism?
  58. Evolutionary Timeline Website
  59. Cristian Radio
  60. Some questions about thermodynamics....
  61. New Primate Discovered!
  62. Physicists to Bush: Get Bent
  63. Astrology?
  64. Tinfoil Hat Alert! End of the world is nigh!
  65. The mass ratio between electrons and protons might not be constant....
  66. Economics and Evolution
  67. evolution
  68. Brain size amongst Primates and level of social complexity.
  69. Scientists Confirm Australopithecus Believed in Intelligent Design
  70. Alien Mathematics
  71. Science help please, I'm not a scientist
  72. Astrophysics For Dummies
  73. Creationism? Bullsh!t!
  74. Scientists for Creation?!
  75. Off-Grid Living
  76. Sky Charts and other cool stuff
  77. Banana proves god exists
  78. Atheism as Religion
  79. I need information, please
  80. Ectoplasm, spirits, and ghosts
  81. This program ROCKS! UK TV (BBC FOUR) TONIGHT! 19.00
  82. What's the first recognizable feature on a fetus?
  83. Scientists, Please Read
  84. Mommies Dearest
  85. Wow- Lactic acid is actually a fuel.
  86. "Evolutionary break up sex" b/w humans and chimps
  87. Darwin & Evolution For Kids
  88. Before Big Bang
  89. Monkey Grammar Better Than Most Visiting Theists?
  90. Backwards Light
  91. Question Regarding Gravity, Centrifugal Force and Equivalence
  92. Neurotheology, Science or Pseudoscience?
  93. Species preservation?
  94. Global Consciousness Project
  95. Living Fossil
  96. Definitions that Theists need to Read
  97. Whale Transitionals Evidence Grows
  98. Scientists Grow Bunny Penis in Lab
  99. Mainstream Journalmalizing
  100. The Mask of Sanity - Cleckley
  101. Moses could have parted the Red Sea-Proof
  102. Intelligent Design actually detrimental to the existance of Christos
  103. free will: evolved or illusory?
  104. It's settled. It was the egg.
  105. More proof of evolution of species. (As if it were needed)
  106. VHS tapes Question. Do US tapes play with UK systems? Can you advise?
  107. Holy Shit! Aliens!?
  108. Cave face 'the oldest portrait on record'
  109. Queer Animal Planet
  110. OOPS! More proof of evolution...
  111. Science Idol
  112. Natural Selection is completely worthless
  113. I got an answer from Kunt Hovind!
  114. How would you build your own human being?
  115. Evolution of Bacteria
  116. Brane Theory soon to be in the realm of the experimental?
  117. Moses wanders through neighborhood in Akron, O....
  118. Ear evolution fossil
  119. Science and technology 20 years from now
  120. Astronomy
  121. This makes my head hurt :(
  122. How to Record Old Audio Tapes as MP3s ????????? And edit them???????
  123. Antimatter
  124. Intelligunt desine loses.
  125. Older than the earth itself.
  126. Quick! Someone help me out here...
  127. Video: What The Bleep Do We Know? (2004)
  128. Biological cause for homosexuality in males?
  129. Left Handed
  130. Beauty
  131. Science Seminar
  132. Maximum Heart Rate
  133. Then New Issue of Skeptic is Out.
  134. This has to be BS
  135. The Human Brain and Related Things Part I
  136. Charles Darwin was wrong, and he knew it!
  137. GUT check
  138. 10 Dimensions...
  139. An orbit question
  140. Creating universes is nothing special.
  141. The Real Basis for the Flood Myth
  142. Eternal Polyverse
  143. Images of wow-ness
  144. Clarify the old post
  145. Take this ID'ers We got some proof of Evolution
  146. HELP: Calling All Engineers and Physicists
  147. whoneedscience?
  148. Wtf?!?!?!?!?
  149. Focus on the Family says, "NO GAY ANIMALS!" WOOF!
  150. Fear of snakes aided evolution
  151. Invent Faster, They're Catching Up!
  152. Teleportation
  153. Evolution: The Final Evidence
  154. The Most Recent Evidence of Evolution
  155. Scientists Say They’ve Found a Code Beyond Genetics in DNA
  156. Does String Theory Support Pastafarianism?
  157. The Species Oddessy
  158. Gah!
  159. Just found this.
  160. Hurricane Damage
  161. New to me (evolution related)
  162. God doesn't need a creator.
  163. Proof of Intelligent design.
  164. GREAT SHAPES!! (I Am His First International Customer!)
  165. A&E Special: Psychic Children (on now)
  166. Another question.
  167. Science and engineering
  168. Fun little evolution simulator
  169. Nogodistan, the experiment
  170. Newscientist article: Imaginary friends are good for you.
  171. Aliens, God and the movie Contact
  172. DNA testing and Genetic privacy
  173. Renaming 'theory'
  174. Dinosaurs in the bible
  175. Pseudogenes don't help ID
  176. Framing the ID/C debate
  177. Chemistry?
  178. The Reason People Don't Believe in Evolution
  179. Dolphins stupid as well as evil
  180. 50 Misconceptions about evolution
  181. Man these creationists never give up, do they?
  182. This is worth a listening to
  183. Dark Matter Discovery
  184. Russian Mathematician Refuses Award
  185. Radiation effects
  186. "Dark matter" is real: scientists
  187. Is evolution really that hard to understand?
  188. 100 Refutations To Misconceptions About Evolution
  189. Pluto removed from planetdom
  190. Nothing to Stop Stem Cell Research Now!!!
  191. For those into AI
  192. Aliens
  193. What does "EVOLUTION" mean to you? (in the sense of evolution of LIFE)
  194. The Exodus Recorded
  195. Astrologers upset over new classification of Pluto!
  196. MRI Proves Woman Has Jesus Inside Her
  197. DNA In The News
  198. Darwin's Deadly Legacy
  199. A hilarious video that shows how stupid creation science is wrong
  200. Attention.
  201. Retarded theists
  202. AndyHolland, evolution
  203. Propagation and the genetic impulse
  204. Books on Intro. Genetics
  205. Man, that god guy thinks of everything!
  206. Vatican Considering Endorsement of Intelligent Design
  207. Plane flys on power of five light bulbs
  208. No "G" Spot
  209. Nano Tech
  210. Ethics and Science.
  211. Science can't explain everything, so there must be a god!
  212. Ken Miller video
  213. Job Opportunity
  214. Does this sound about right or what?
  215. Earthlike planets?
  216. Atheist walking runs his mouth on physics
  217. Perpetual Motion
  218. Bush War On Science - News From The Battlefront
  219. I can't find out how this happened.
  220. Neanderthals lived more recently than thought
  221. The PreAdamite World
  222. I like fluffy planets the bestest
  223. Voices in the Head "Are Normal"
  224. Intellignet design and some of it's arguments
  225. New Planets - Here we Come !!
  226. Life: When does it begin?
  227. Yet Another Example of Evolution for Christians to Deny
  228. (R)evolutionary simulations
  229. Time Cube
  230. New blood test may detect lung cancer early...
  231. Creationist logic and broken kneecaps
  232. Gay animal exhibit.
  233. Quantum Theory/String Theory question for the Choobile One
  234. Brain parasites...
  235. Big Bang
  236. Future of Religions
  237. Merging with Our Machines
  238. SKorean scientists say cancer-killing virus developed
  239. Putnam Competition
  240. Grrrr! They make me so angry!
  241. Interesting Night
  242. Cat gives birth to Mouse adn other miracle births.... or Not....
  243. Fossil on Display
  244. Medical Science Reduces Violent Crimes
  245. Journal Article Hunt
  246. The Lyre Bird
  247. Scientists Say White House Muzzled Them
  248. If evolution was somehow disproven, how would that effect science?
  249. W...t...f...
  250. Michael Shermer on TEDTalks