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  1. Atheism-the religion of satan
  2. We Will Pray
  3. Our Soul
  4. John3:16 is not a True Christian!
  5. Challenge: Proof god does not exist.
  6. Proof that God exists!
  7. Searching human genome reveals Biblical text
  8. proof against the existence of a christian god?
  9. God is a Person, and not just a Theory
  10. Are there any atheists out there?
  11. Who/What Is The Intelligent Designer?
  12. Adam, Eve & Dino
  13. God's a MAN BABY
  14. Jesus the drug dealer?
  15. Because of Christ
  16. stupid question
  17. Choice
  18. Just curious, why atheist?
  19. Fruits & Vegetables
  20. penny for your thoughts
  21. Very interesting..."The truths of God are made differents by the men"
  22. Name that mythical tale that the bible stole!
  23. Contradiction
  24. Accidents can Happen
  25. who created God?
  26. An argument for the existance of God.
  27. God, Logical or Illogical
  28. Godly Christ-Like Atheist
  29. Imaginary "Beings" That Are Lacking In Process!
  30. So, how do you get to heaven?
  31. Fuck the Catholics and their filthy whore schools
  32. I've Figured It Out!!!
  33. Does society need god?
  34. God does exist
  35. A debate you guys may be interested in
  36. "Gods" Are ...
  37. A Terrific ALL-Sensing "Doormat"
  38. Where is heaven??
  39. ID taught in a pitiful manner.
  40. Is Jesus God?
  41. God wanted you to beleive he is not real?
  42. God Fine-tuning the universe
  43. The Bible: Book of truth, or of a misleading trust?
  44. Daft Question!
  45. Every Tribe Worships
  46. Over Three Hundred Proofs of Godís Existence
  47. What the hell am I doing wrong?
  48. HELP! Arrested by Religion
  49. Even if there is a god atheism is still preferred
  50. Is homosexuality essentially an athiest practice?
  51. Philosophy of God
  52. if jesus comes back..........
  53. Myth and religion
  54. Ape to Man forum on History Channel site, Hilarious
  55. "proving" the "undeniable" truth of Christianity
  56. It's so hard to suffer fools...
  57. Profile of the atheist
  58. The Evolution(fairy)tale...
  59. You can't take it can you?
  60. The Flaws of Christianity (version 2.0) the generalised version!
  61. British Radio.
  62. If god hates gays why did he make them so fabulous?
  63. The Case for Christ
  64. Proof that God does not exist
  65. The true answer to the question," does god exist".
  66. Does Satan exist ergo God must exist?
  67. God is Dead
  68. First Cause.....?
  69. What discovery would really sink theism?
  70. Too Many gods
  71. Got one
  72. God of the bible
  73. Let's try this again: what was the original purpose of Jesus?
  74. Does God Exist?
  75. Socrates Meets Jesus
  76. Just a personal ramble, hope you don't mind
  77. I'm so glad the guy who shot me was a doctor
  78. Omega Point
  79. some atheist just as bad as christians?
  80. Christian Mythology
  81. I'm back and Katia is retarded and I need help and I love you all
  82. God Gene
  83. Understanding God
  84. All are welcome to come to my church to be saved!
  85. Gainesville Ga Bus Drivers
  86. where were the dinosaurs
  87. Holy Shit!
  88. God and the Theory of Divine Creation
  89. god is this god is that
  90. gods god?
  91. Carl Jung
  92. A question for athiests
  93. It Is the Father Who Draws
  94. Is Carico the second coming?
  95. Carico, here's your chance....Prove the Christian God.
  96. LOGICAL AND SCIENTIFIC explanation for there bieng a GOD, please reply
  97. Why DONT you reject Christ?
  98. Hell - For effect only
  99. Basic Assumption
  100. Plato, Socrates etc.
  101. The bible can't prove anything.
  102. Why won't christians believe?
  103. hey carico are you a protestant?
  104. Words from the Last Book 1
  105. If you were God, how would your run the world?
  106. A challenge for the theist who talk as fools!
  107. Why does god do everything the hard way?
  108. Is Skepticism Logical?
  109. There is a God and I have one and I can prove it, repent you fools!!!
  110. why is there a lack of beleivers on this forum?
  111. Disappearing gods
  112. reasons to not follow religions
  113. Purpose-for any theists in the forum
  114. Rewrite that bible! I know how Jesus was born!
  115. More importantly, Can God continue to exist?
  116. read this shit
  117. somebody want to point me in the right direction?
  118. When someone says "God".....................
  119. My quick & simple proof Jehovah doesn't exist
  120. Is there free will in heaven?
  121. A little intelligent design game...
  122. Victory in the LORD!
  123. I'm not convinced
  124. White Holes?
  125. Does god exist?
  126. Fall from Grace
  127. mary sightings
  128. The Placebo-effect of religion
  129. What is a god?
  130. Why is there no cure for religious insanity.
  131. Why do Atheists want to convince people god does'nt exist?
  132. Brain Washing from Birth
  133. Can we call what is "bad" in man "good" in God?
  134. Accidental Deities
  135. Why do christians want to convince that god exits?
  136. athiests only thread
  137. Rational thinking vs. religious thinking
  138. I am tired of being a God schizophrenic
  139. You Better Watch Out
  140. Lucifer
  141. Could God Ever Be disproved?
  142. Why God is for the Ignorant
  143. Jesus Christ: Myth or Reality?
  144. Note to Reconciled - atheism doesn't have to lead to despair.
  145. Existence of God vs. Validation of Christianity
  146. Christian Taliban
  147. Help in a Debate
  148. If a god existed we would know it without question.
  149. Query for Buckeyeman77 et al
  150. A startling revelation
  151. The argument from divine hiddenness
  152. Look at this, meant to be 300 pieces of evidence for god joke or not?
  153. Fuck Proof
  154. Reasons to Believe
  155. The argument from lack of superiority
  156. The Great Theist Challenge
  157. God and Logic
  158. God is an infallible theory
  159. The Echinoderm Question
  160. Why is this even a subject? (if god exitst)
  161. Here's a real kicker...
  162. pascal's wager
  163. Denying the Christ, the family tree story
  164. Atheism a Religion?
  165. Atheist logic
  166. Proselytizing
  167. Epistemology: Which branch are you a/theists?
  168. For Mormons, DNA stands for does not apply.
  169. Um, No.
  170. Responce to Raving Athiest's thoughts
  171. Can We Prove The Bible Is Not The Word Of God?
  172. Is existance a physical property?
  173. The Heart of It
  174. Is it possible to prove a negative?
  175. Anyone watching CSPAN 2?
  176. John Safran vs. God
  177. Writers Needed
  178. If God exists is he an Atheist?
  179. Jesus Debunked
  180. Post an argument for God's existence
  181. Religion As A Test
  182. Regarding the Pascal's Wager
  183. Objection(s) to the Modal Ontological Argument
  184. I must admit,god does exist..how could I refute such undeniable proof?
  185. If this IGITS bloke actually existed....
  186. Can you help me with this logic statement?
  187. How do gods provide meaning?
  188. This may be just stating the obvious...
  189. Resurrection Factor
  190. Omnipresence is incompatible w/ existence of evil
  191. theists and rationality
  192. I just don't get it!
  193. Near Death Experiences: what's it all about?
  194. Xian Atheists
  195. Supernatural Thoughts
  196. You Can't Prove That God Does Not Exist.
  197. Its not just the christian god that wrong
  198. Man claiming to be Jesus comes on my radio show tonight!
  199. Raelian cloning
  200. Please, help with a theist
  201. Christians smarter, more educated than atheists.
  202. The God WHo Wasn't There
  203. Know your enemies:
  204. An eye opener for atheists, proof that the quran is the word of God
  205. JET ( jesus Existence Test) specially designed for Pat Robertson
  206. Sufficient Cause
  207. Argument from Awesomeness
  208. Someone took Cal up on a JET...
  209. Should This Sub-Forum Exist?
  210. Get some victims in.
  211. Persistence of Religion
  212. The Omnipotence Paradox
  213. Proof that God exists
  214. Hypothesis on the origins of Theism
  215. Theists, your insistence on existence is crippling
  216. A Personal Proof of God
  217. Proof that there is no god
  218. More proof of God
  219. The Ocean of Space and Time
  220. The Paradox Poll
  221. Hey, Quaker, in a turnaround.....
  222. This time it's [i]not[/i] personal.
  223. What should I do?
  224. archeologists believe they found the remains of noah's ark
  225. Reasons for Religion
  226. The concept of God
  227. My first open teacher.
  228. JETs Wager
  229. Proof of Allah's existence
  230. Bombadier Beetle disproves evolution
  231. The Priveleged Planet
  232. Why Bill O'Reilly Believes in God
  233. Another Concept of GOD
  234. Why bother proving him?
  235. God has consumed me.
  236. What would make me believe
  237. pinstrips prove god
  238. a question for muslims
  239. did belief in god ensure mans success?
  240. W.w.j.d.
  241. If the God of the Bible does exist why worship him?
  242. Giant Cunt
  243. Atheism violates scientific law
  244. A true circular argument.
  245. God does answer prayer
  246. Probing God(Pun Intended!)
  247. Atheist Test
  248. Another dead fundie!
  249. Funny old 50-50
  250. Who would schizophrenics be?