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Rasputin was an russian monk.He was an adviser of the Czar.His prophecies were published in a book in 1912.

"... When Sodoma and Gomorra return again to the Earth and the men dress as women and the men as women, then you will see pass the Death riding over the white plague. And the old pestilencias will be like a drop of water in the sea, with respect to the white plague .And no medicine will manage to restrain it."

"... It will born Monsters, that will be neither men nor animals. And many men, who will not be indicated in the meat nor in the mind, will take the sign in the soul. When later, the times mature, you find in the cradle the monster of the monsters: the man without soul ".

Collapse of Comunism and Capitalism.Third Way of Life.

"... Two bloodthirsty princes will take possession from the Earth: Wiug will come from East and will return enslaved to the man with the poverty; Graiug will come from the West and will return enslaved to the man with the wealth. The princes will dispute the Earth and the sky and the land of the great battle will be in the land of the four demons. Both princes will be winning and both princes will be overcome. But Graiug will enter house of Wiug and will seed its old words, that will grow and devastate the Earth. Thus the empire of Wiug will finish... But the day will arrive in which also the empire of Graiug will be destroyed, because the two laws of life were mistaken and both produced the death.Graiug´s keen desire will be the death of the poors. Their ashes will not be able either to be used to cultivate the land, on which the new plant of the third light will grow ".

World Wars.

"... And when both fires are extinguished, there will be a time of peace, but this peace will be written with blood.Then, will suddenly arrive a third fire that will burn the ashes. Few men and few things will be; but what it is will have to be put under a new purification, before entering the new terrestrial paradise ".


"... Muhammed will leave to its house, crossing the way of the parents. And the wars will explode like summer weathers, lowering plants and polishing fields, until the day in which it will be discovered that the word of God is one although it is pronounced in different languages. Then the table will be unique, as unique will be the bread ".

"... It will bring forth in the New city a flower that will have the color of the blood. It will grow on the plant of the peace, but it will take war. It will have the name of the love, but it will take only hatred, because it will be a poisonous flower... Flower of peace and well-being, but under the flower will hide a generation of thieves, evils and demons."

Climatic Change.

"... The time will arrive in which the sun will cry on the Earth and their tears will fall like sparks of fire, burning the plants and to the men. The deserts will advance like horses driven crazy without rider, and the grass will become sand, and the rivers will be the putrid Earth navel. It will disappear the tender grass of the meadow and the leaf, since they will reign both desert: the desert of the sand and the desert of night.And under the ignited Sun the frozen cold will extinguish the life.
The seas will penetrate like thieves in the cities and the houses, and the earth will become salty. And the salt will enter waters and there will be no water that is not salty. The salty earth will not give more fruit and, when they give it, it will be a bitter fruit. For that reason you will see fertile lands transform themselves into salty marshes. And other earth will be dried by a heat that will be increasing. The man will be under salty rains and will walk on salty earth, and will walk nomadic between droughts and alluviums."

Three days of darkness.

"... During three days the sun will disappear of the sky, and during thirty days a fog of smoke and pain will make the Earth a gray shroud. The man will walk like a crazy dog in this sea of desperation; its life will be an agony, and its only hope will be the death ".

Society of Comfort.

"... When it is spoken much of the man, it will be the time in which the man will neglect. And when it is spoken of the well-being, it will be the time in which a subtle malaise will wind between people. Mountains of words will be spent for anything, and traps between words will confuse the ways of the good sense. Many men will be destroyed by the plagues; many men will be destroyed by the arms, and very many men will be destroyed by the barren words. Because, when the times mature, the man will be rich of language, but poor of heart ".

Signs of the End.

" When the times will be close to the precipice, the love of the man towards the man will be a dry plant. In the desert of that land only two plants will bloom: the plant of the self-benefit and the plant of the egoism. The flowers of these plants could be, nevertheless, changed by the flowers of the plant of the love. All the humanity, in this damn time, will be devoured by the indifference. Then... Oh of that they suffer, of the old ones, the disabled, the afflicted ones of heart, because they will be single in a sea of people!When darkens the sad day of homo-sapiens , there won´t be more than the desert of the anything, because indeed the plant of the fraternal love will be dead for a long time. (and the fraternal love is the Great Medicine. The Truths of God are made different by the men, but the flame is unique)."

"... When the time of the harvest is approached, will be sent seven signs to the man . And each wise person will understand that the grain is mature, and will not lack much so that the scythe on the Earth is thrown... The Earth tremors, in this time, will increase; earth and waters will be opened and between his wounds they will devour to the men and other things. The violence you will find all the mornings in the door of house, because the man will return to become beast and, like all the beasts, it will attack or it will be attacked. This man will already not know more to distinguish the good of badly. What is honest, or that is moral, food will become nonmoral.The food, in this time, will be more and more little, because everything will be poisoned. The barns will be full, the sources will give fresh water, the plants will give fruits; but who eats of that grain and drinks of that water, will die ; and who eats of those fruits, will die.In this time, the anguish will marry with the man, and of its spiritual union the desperation will be born; a desperation as it has been seen never in the Earth. And in this time, also the stations will be distressed, because the rose will bloom in December and the snow will fall in June."

"The men will walk towards the catastrophe. They will be less able who will take the reins. The humanity will be squashed by the uproar of the crazy people and the malefactors. The wisdom will be chained. They will be the ignorant and the prepotent one who will also dictate the law to the wise person and the humble one. And later, most of the men will believe in the powerful ones and they won´t believe more in God... The punishment of God will arrive late, but he will be tremendous. Later, finally, the wisdom will be untied of the chains and the man will again return to totally trust God, as the boy trusts his mother. Following this way, the man will arrive at the terrestrial paradise "

"... With always greater frequency, you will see drive crazy the parts of the body. Where the nature had created the order, the man will seed the disorder. And many will suffer by this disorder. And many will die because of the black plague. And when it is not the plague that kills, are the vultures that will tear the meats... Each man has with himself the great medicine; but the man-animal will prefer to cure itself with poisons ".

Fall of Rome, new name to the city, Fall of the Catholic Church.The AntiChrist.The Last Pope.Assasination of Benedict XVI in Summer(I´m sure that Bennedict Know this).Christ´s Return.
(I see this prophecie very interesting)

Saint Home of Rome will going from Peter to Peter.At Santa of the Saints will arrive a great man to render accounts, but it won´t be He, that will arrive later.
...When the head falls, a moan will be heard anywhere in the world. And blood will fall on the Saint stone ... The times of the fall of the empire will begin with the murder of the father, who will take place in the full moon of the summer. When the thieves leave the gold berry to flee to the grotto, it will be the time in which the last empire will be next to the aim. And the aim will arrive between a blood eddy .
...When the man indicated in the forehead arrives at Rome, they will sound the bells of the peace, but few men will realize that there are the bells of the death. Subtle deceits are prepared for the entire world, because the mouse will escape of the cat, and the cat will be eaten by the mouse. In this time, the glories will be repeated quickly. And the blood will be repeated again. Cesars will happen as the water of the river and the words will be clouds. At night of the burned man, the blood will run by the rivers of the Rome of the Popes and troublemakers. The town will leave to the seats blinded by an incubated hatred of as much time and, on the dirty swords of blood, you will see the heads of the politicians, the noble and the clergy. The body of a venerated man will be dragged by the streets of Rome by a white horse, and in the ways the track of its blood and the characteristics of its skin will have left. Then it will be only discovered that the venerated man was a serpent. And they will die as the serpents die. In tonight of blood and magic, the stars will change of light; those that dressed the habit the delinquency will dress the habit of justice, and those that they were right will return unjust.Purified Rome will not be already more Rome.And the night of the burned man it will be for the memory, with The saint insurrection of the town against the hunger wolf dressed as lamb.The history of Caín and Abel will be repeated in the place surrounded by the walls, with seven towers and an eagle. But,in this time will be the Pacific Abel that will kill the perfidious Cain, and nothing will be of this history, because also the name of the city will be changed, and the Earth will embrace lovingly to the good and badly. But in the city of the seven towers a spark will untie that will teach to a new word and a new law. And the new law will teach to the man a new life, because the new house it will not be possible to be entered with the old habits. And when the sun will put, it will be discovered that the new law is the old law and that the man had been created by this law.

The End.:D

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G-Zus tap dancing Christ! Hook me up with your dealer, man. The shit you must be getting looks like da bomb!

Seriously, Rasputin?

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:lol: Rasputin! hahahahaha The man was a lunatic but at least he was smart enough to take advantage of superstitious masses and their leadership which is more then I can say for you.