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Sinfidel 05-31-2015 05:24 AM

Homos Cause Indian Heat Wave, Kill Thousands

Climate Change Alarmists’ Want to Turn People Gay, Says Religious Right Leader

An epic level of head-scratching conspiracy-mongering emanating from the master of that craft, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, a man who has been professionally obsessed with LGBT people for years.

“Climate change alarmists and those who are pushing population control … promote homosexuality,” he said. “They deny it but the evidence is there; it’s footnoted in my book.”

It’s not Perkins’ first waltz at this particular dance. Earlier this year he said on his program,“I remember a few years ago, it might have been Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson, who made a reference to a hurricane or a storm being an act of God. It’s interesting that’s how we refer to some of these things in our insurance policies—they were ridiculed, saying ‘how dumb can you be?’ Well, there’s more to back that up than to say what’s happening in our environment, our climate, is because of people driving Suburbans or coal-fired power plants.”

Those who follow the shenanigans of these high-profile evangelical media figures will probably recall that Robertson and the late Falwell blamed those acts of God on gay people. Robertson most notoriously said back in the late ’90s that God would send “hurricanes and other disasters” to smite Florida because DisneyWorld held a Gay Pride Day. Apparently, God wasn’t listening to Robertson because that particular year, Florida experienced no hurricanes.

AtomJack 06-01-2015 06:28 PM

It would be a wonderful world if lunacy was, once recognized, channeled into something useful. I'm not versed in the psychological sciences, but it certainly seems like it would help. I guess if a bunch of useless toffs didn't misuse what money gets thrown that way, more people would get help. Then there are the gullible. Better education, teaching critical skills, would help. More money could be put there. But there's always something that cheats it out; politics being a big offender. Where I live, every time the politicians want a bigger revenue stream, they threaten to fire teachers, police and fire personnel. As soon as that starts, the population votes the increases.

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