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Sternwallow 08-05-2008 08:44 AM


Missionary wrote (Post 504517)
What's to know? The entire story line by line of how rocks, minerals, gasses, and chemicals sprang to life and became intelligent and aware?

Who now build cities and love? From a big bang? You're deceiving only yourself.

What's to know, is the scientific method and logic. You do not have it yet you pontificate on scientific issues, wanker.

If you spend some 13.6 Billion years contemplating your navel, pretty soon, you, too, will find yourself loving and building cities.

Sternwallow 08-05-2008 08:55 AM


Missionary wrote (Post 504522)
Does it mean that the fittest survive? That sounds reasonable, but then again, I'm no evolutionary biologist. It could mean, in scientific terms, that the most intelligent organisms try to kill each other for Nike's or a bag of coke.

It could also imply that some apes could be liars or unfaithful. But I'm not sure.

As expected, you are exactly wrong on all counts. I am not going to feed you this central information that forms the basis for all of modern biology. I will merely accept your admission that you know squat and I will remind you of your willful ignorance whenever you make a statement about anything in biology, including abiogenesis, jerk.

Incidentally, you just admitted that apes with no soul are still bound by morality since you say that they can commit sins, and therefore have a relationship with God that can be damaged. This helps your case because humans are apes. It harms your case because it shows souls are not necessary for a relationship with God.

Sternwallow 08-05-2008 08:59 AM


Missionary wrote (Post 504523)
I just draw a line between fact and fiction is all, Mog.

Science offers up a great deal of accurate information for which they have proven supporting facts and evidence. That doesn't mean that everything they spit out is truth. I only have problems with the sci-fi stories they make up and can't support but that some people take off running with them like banners of truth. They aren't accurate or factual explanations...They're just opinions and speculations, Mog

You do see that, don't you?

In science, opinions, guesses and speculations are so labeled and the accurate information that explains known facts are called theories just so there is no confusion. You could learn the difference between fiction and speculation (hypothesis) before you embarrass yourself even more, jerk.

Sternwallow 08-05-2008 09:15 AM


Missionary wrote (Post 504783)
The only failures are of comprehension. For some people, that could involve dozens per sentence. It depends on which "Official Atheist List of Biblical Contradictions" you draw your comprehension failures from.

After all, God can't beat iron chariots, right?

It is right if God* said so just as God* created all evil if He admitted His guilt for doing so.

Sternwallow 08-05-2008 09:23 AM


Missionary wrote (Post 506192)
As I was saying, we were talking about humans as the only beings created in God's image. Many animals who reproduce sexually are not monogamous. Some organisms are asexual, some lay eggs, some become larvae, etc.

The entire concept of marriage, sexual fidelity, and procreation among mankind is intended to illustrate God's relational and creative attributes in human relationship as well as God's relationship with mankind.

The animal kingdom illustrates God's power and glory in creation of the diversity of life.


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