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Tenspace 04-13-2006 10:27 AM

Found this over at PZ's blog:


Sandy 04-17-2006 07:50 AM

Sandra Price


I woke up this lovely April morning with my heart singing in the great memories of my entire life. I can hear the desert birds singing in the potential of another lovely warm day. I stretch in the glory of being alive and begin to experience life anew! How did I get here this morning feeling so full of the power of spring?

Letís take a walk down memory lane and check out this trip as I wait for the sun to light up my day. How lucky I was to have my DNA form on the planet Earth. Hmmm, did I arrive by stages from some sort of single cell algae or was I some kind of bacteria taking over other ugly things? How on earth did I sexually reproduce? Was I some kind of gooey slug who crawled out of the water into a swamp?

Just think of what I went through at this time (1000 million years ago). I know there were many ice ages that destroyed much of the life on earth but how did I survive it? I hate the cold and have successfully avoided sleet, ice and temperatures below 50į. What part of the animal world picked me up and made me their own? I wish I could remember.

I am glad I was not a part of the dinosaur group as they were wiped out by some wayward meteor; apparently I was something that survived that awful event. Oh my God, could I have been a cockroach?

Fifty five millions years ago ďprimatesĒ developed and somehow I feel that this must be the beginning of my family tree. We lived high up in the trees where we felt relatively safe but when we got tired of eating leaves, we developed well enough to try living on the ground. That seemed to be a step up the scale as our brains began to develop as did out legs. We could eat meat and we could run to chase it down. Whoopee! My species were able to form tribes for our survival and we became more civilized than many other forms of life. I feel certain I was a good cook and a wonderful mother at that time.

I hate to think I was a member of the lesser apes but being an animal lover all my life, I can live with it. Did I have the ability to run from the floods and volcanoes and protect my offspring? I must have because I am sitting here sipping a hot cup of coffee and feeling wonderful. After all I am a bi-ped with a developed brain and love in my heart!

I made it through the first anatomically modern humans (homo sapiens) and I managed to keep warm through several more ice ages. Isnít this cool? Hereís something to know: Y-chromosomal Adam lived in Africa and was the last male human from whom all current human Y chromosomes are descended. These would become my mates in the following years. A few changes could have been made here, but I was not consulted.

By eleven million years ago the human population reached 5 million. We did in the woolly mammoths but domesticated the species we now know as Dogs. No wonder I love them!

Gosh, I look at my old body in amazement this morning. Iíve survived 73 years in it and given birth and nurtured a couple of lovely women! I made it from the beginning of when the earth was formed 46 million years ago to today and I know I was laughing with glee through the whole trip. Iím not even tired!

I stand up and take a deep bow to my planet Earth and hope that our current politicians donít blow it up for a long time. I love the story of the evolution of my species but I wonder how much further we can go. Will we eventually find a way to live with each other or will our Gods keep us in a state of war? How much longer can we continue to over populate our earth with humans who do not contribute to the whole process?

I will think about that next spring when the birds again wake me up to share the dawn with them.

Sandra Price
April 17, 2006

DrunkMonkey 04-17-2006 09:27 AM

Sandy: ???

Sandy 04-17-2006 10:00 AM

Drunk. I was testing your funny bone this morning.

snap crafter 04-17-2006 01:31 PM


Sandy wrote
Drunk. I was testing your funny bone this morning.

Woah, you type pretty lucidly for being drunk.

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