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With the horrors of Warsi’s crap fresh on the mind, her Shitlordship is duly confirmed and the missive below shipped off to Tory Central.

Dear Sir (I would use madam, but my Imam advisor tells me you're not allowed to read)

I write on behalf of a small, but significant bunch of internet heathens. We sit in the darkest bowels of atheistic hell, plotting the next sinister move in our campaign of ‘militant secularism’, when we were struck by the counter-brilliance of your plan to keep our little country manacled down in the 7th century.

Your less than enlightened recognition that the female of our species should be nothing more than washing up & baby making meat robots, and our brilliant scientific advancements should pale into insignificance alongside the revelatory wonders of ancient goat-herder scribblings leave us gasping for more. A return to the propagation of Dark Age values and morality is so eagerly anticipated by those who turned on the lights centuries ago.

I paused the eating of my marinated babies this morning to wonder just what a faith based army of British ministers could possibly have to discuss on national government policy with the head of a cannibal, zombie-worshipping death cult chief – but I could think of nothing that would take longer than a microsecond, so I trust you will use your position of unelected influence when lecturing the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy to remind ‘is ‘oiliness to increase the funds set aside for the diddling fees his bankers & priests are yet to have exposed.

The NSS & BHA may have been very patient and measured in response to your recent toadying but in recognition of your total lack of meaningful achievement, you have been honoured as our 56th Shitlord in an impressive stool-stall of shame. Your crown is in the sewers and will be flushed your way in due course.

Yours in passing, smellyoldgit -
I won’t hold my breath for a response.

Stop the Holy See men!
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