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You all do realize I've made this group my bitch. I post in here test-stuff. In other words, I write more clearly when I write for readers than if I just write in, say, a journal. You all talk about me when I'm not even here. I'm gone for a week, and this post is still #1 on the conversation list, and you're talking about me.

I have no respect for this forum. No other atheist forum has any respect for this forum. Even happy atheist considered changing my avatar and signature, but decided to ban me because they didn't want to act like "Raving Atheist." You guys are even more pathetic than they are, because you would ban me, but you're afraid to. A) You want me to talk to you. B) You know if you ban me it would be a badge of honor.

You are my bitch. Just grab hold of my belt loop and follow me around the yard, and when I'm talking to real atheists keep your silly trap shut. That's all I ask--mmmkay?
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