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You have a knack for getting things backwards. It would be impressive if it wasn't so stupid.

Seriously. You don't seem to be able to get out of this idea of "I want X to be true, so I'll find all the evidence I can that points that way and only look at that". You're stuck in this rut so much that you don't seem to be able to even grasp the idea of anyone looking at things from another angle (that is to say, taking all the evidence into account and following it to a conclusion, rather than having a conclusion and finding what gets you there).

No, I can't be assed looking through everything to find the countless times I or others have already told you the same thing already. Clearly that doesn't work, you'll just bury your head deeper into the sand.
The irony is I have reached no conclusion due to the lack of evidence, you dwell on it as a badge of honour for your atheism.

Yet here you are saying I want something to be true so I reach a conclusion for which you have supposedly provided ample evidence to counter, but no one has ever seen. Complete bullshit.

Tell you what try actually providing some rationale apart from depending on the lack of evidence, and the lack of your evidence is just weak.

Don't worry I didn't read your story as your attempts for non-fiction are farcical so why would I bother with some story to illustrate how you view me.

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