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Coming out with the same old bullshit time after time doesn't mean it's right.
I know you're too idle and/or dumb to do your own research, so here's a small fraction of the attacks on Jizzlam over the years.
I do miss Choobus ....
Big deal
There is way more and way more brutal attacks against Christianity than Islam.
So I'll rephrase, there is a "relative" reluctance on this site to attack Islam. Moreover, even when an atheist on this site is brave enough to attack Islam its usually done in a dignified way, so as not to offend.
And when attacking Islam, there is usually a comment as a reminder that Christianity is just as bad. The reverse is not true is it.
I just don't sense the outrage.
Sinny for example seems more outraged that in the way nations fight ISIS than ISIS's threat.
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