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"I asked on of those dirty chicks here yesterday if the ashes were made from cremated aborted fetuses. Her mouth flapped open and shut for a bit like the fish she'll be eating on Friday.

DC: "Are you serious?"
Me: "Yes."

She walked away shaking her head sadly. Like I was the crazy one."

That's classic - like "Wednesday Adams" classic when she asked the girlscouts if girlscout cookies are made with real girlscout.

What brought upon this bought of Wednesday-ism? was it the fact that it was, after all, ash wednesday? :)

Think of it as Skull Island for theistic beliefs...Even if you survive the Choobusaurus there is still that ravine full of giant atheistropods waiting to make a meal of you.
"I won't think in your church if you promise not to pray in my school"
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