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Lily wrote
Actually, though I never intended to get involved in these forums, the sheer ugliness of Kate's aborted babies remark must not go unreproved.

CAVkiller37: I assure you, you do not know more than most Christians you encounter. But since you all tell each other how much more intelligent and logical you are, than we, I don't blame you for your thesis.
Alrighty then... do you know where Christianity got it's ritual for that whole wine and cracker, body of Christ thing?

I bet you don't....... (hint: it was folded into Christianity from another popular prophet of the times - do you remember his name?)

I bet I know more about Christianity than you do... seriously.

Like... did you know that there was NEVER - EVER anyone named Jesus Christ ('cuz that would be stupid and blasphemous... like literally naming your kid 'Son of God')?

Or... did you know that not only was Jesus born of virgin birth, but so was his mother, Mary? Seriously.... it's in the Qur'an.

Ok - what you got?
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