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On a somewhat related note, I have a question for those of you living in states where you can actually buy beer at grocery stores, convenience stores, etc. Where do you buy it?

A licensed beer distributor in Pennsylvania is warehouse-sized and stocks every brand of beer imaginable. But I work in West Virginia, where you can buy beer at the Kroger's, and they seem to only stock cases of Budweiser, Coors, Miller, etc. They have some six packs of other stuff, but finding a case of good beer is impossible here.
In Texas, we have "blue laws" (Surprise, surprise!). No alcohol sales before noon (I believe bars and such are excepted).

If the store is in a "wet" city or county (decided by residents), you can buy beer/wine pretty much anywhere (grocery store, gas station, Walmart, etc).

The Kroger in my town, which recently went "wet", carries a halfway decent variety of beer. Along with the horsepiss, they carry the micro-brews, pseudo micro-brews, and some of the more mainstream foreign brands.
They even have some "real" (read Bavarian) wheat beers like Paulaner.

I'm sure it all comes down to what the store thinks it can sell. My town has experienced some strong growth recently, with a lot of middle-class and upper middle-class professionals moving in, which, I think, is reflected in the beer selection.

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