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star, the sunday closing law were very hotly debated for a long time. at one point, stores could open on sundays, but none can open before 11 am, unless they pay the employees double time for that period, nor close after 5 pm and doing the same. why? those are the times people usually go to church. catholics.
but if they pay you "enough", religion is less important than money...hehehe

at one point, the law said that only certain articles could be sold on sundays, with ridiculous results. pharmacies had entire sections cordoned off, with little signs everywhere on individual products with a message that said "this article can not be bought on sundays".

all this proved so ridiculous that the law was modified, only to keep the double time pay before 11 and after 5 thingie....
How funny. "Church" time is worth more pay. Which means, given the choice between earning money and group prayer . . .Well, it's good for the employees.

It's a good illustration of how stupid the whole thing is.
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