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I Believe in Christmas Eve

The spirit here I think I see,
Reflected from the Christmas tree,
Across the crisp December snow
A beacon of security.

Watching from my frosted window,
I think that, finally, I know
Why I believe in Christmas Eve
That light that makes a pine tree glow.

Safe in this silent-night reprieve
From a troubled world, I believe
In peace on earth, good will to all.
Here, it is easy to achieve.

Watching herald angels fall,
As snow beyond my glistening wall,
I wait for Santa Claus to call.
And like a child, I feel so small.

~ Daniel F Mitchell

The Leprechauns do not forbid the drawing of Their images, as long as we color within the lines. ~ Ghoulslime H Christ, Prophet, Seer, Revelator, and Masturbator
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