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I was able to avoid most of the Christmas music, and for some stupid reason yesterday, the shop was still playing Christmas music.

Hah! Beat this for a Merry Christmas. Christmas day and I'm trapped in this hospital bed since Nov. 13.
One of those inflated beds with a matress that lets you slide around with ease. Great fun when they're changing your diaper. Anyway, what's this I hear - OMG, it's a Sally Ann Brass band, out in the hallway playing their repertoire of Christmas shopping music. Cheerist, but this has gotta be the most magic Xmas ever! Good thing there's a dress code for my room - gown and rubber gloves, or they might have gotten closer!
Finally, the serenade ceased. Bet they went home feeling all goody and having brightened the day of the geriatrics. Frankly, the screams of agony accompanying the therapies and treatments are almost as melodic.

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