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So the thesis of your deluge theory is this:

“If you grant that my theory of physics is correct, then you must also grant that my theory of the expansion of the Earth is correct. And subsequently you must grant that the gods exist, such that they could have spared some men, otherwise, mankind and all the animals on land could not have possibly survived such an event.”

That makes zero logical sense. And what’s with the “you gotta grant me” shit. I grant you nothing.

You need to get this peer reviewed through prestigious universities.

They will tell you what I will tell you. It’s bad logic and bad science.

But have it done by the actual science community. Then you will see that, when you get the same response from them that you get from me, both me and the smartest scientists in the world have reached the same conclusion: you’re full of shit.
what did you think of my theory of physics?
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