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In atheist circles there is seldom, if any, mention of the real purpose of religion, and the psychology behind it. Simply put, religion is the implanting of guilt for having sexual desire.
For children and the elderly to whom this would not apply, there are additional guilt trips, such as "original sin" and the spectre of burning in Hell forever.
Look up the Catholic doctrine on masturbation -

New Catholic Encyclopedia

Like the Nazis, the religious realize that the internal conflict arising from having guilt and desire needs an outlet, a way to vent, and hatred of homosexuals provides a convenient scapegoat, which also helsp to amplfy the sexual guilt. Denunciations of homosexuality thunder down from the pulpits regularly, with a hypocrite like Jimmy Swaggart goose stepping across the stage while railing on about homosexuality - this from patron of prostitutes.
In Canada, we have hate speech laws, but the religious have been given an exemption in that they can promote hatred of homosexuals based on "deeply held religious beliefs". Surprise, surprise - Republicans in the USA are passing legislation exempting the religious from discrimination laws based on "deeply held religious beliefs", knowing full well this contradicts the Constitution, but Conservatives have become so brazen as to consider themselves above the law.

A man with a guilty conscience is more docile, and more easily controlled by the oligarchy, lessening the need for policing of the masses.

Islam takes this to new heights -
The real purpose of religion is to allow power to be exercised, by the few, over the many, and to amass wealth so that the few can live in the lap of luxury at the expense of the poverty of the many.

It is estimated that christards, in the 2,000 years that the evil fuckers have existed, murdered between 100 and 200 million people. That figure does not include the additional millions that were raped, pillaged, tortured and enslaved. Even Hitler 'only' managed to murder 10 million people.

The richest entity on the planet is the cat licker church.

Religion, with its pomp, ceremony and so-called holy books (full of horseshit) is just a means of legitimising the tools that are used to exert control over the masses.

What I constantly fail to understand is why Mankind ever fell for the horseshit associated with religion in the first place.

OK, we are all scared of dying and many don't have the where-with-all to contemplate how a universe might be created without the need for some supernatural power, but does that necessitate a belief in the patently false?

Do I sound like a fuckin' people person?
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