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Rational argument for Higher Power

Hi I'm an atheist, however I did find this interesting argument which supports the reasoned possibility of existence of a higher power.

I found it on a theist website, just for fun - can you guess which premise the theists rejected!

God herein defined as an intelligent, maximally perfected being.

Something has always existed. a.
Potential for Change has always existed. b.
There is no evidence or reason to suggest that Change is not and has not been, substantially continuous. c.
Therefore one can deduce
There are (and has been) an infinite number of Change events.

Evolution exists as a consequence of Change events. d.
A rare portion of Evolution is progressive (i.e. gives rise to higher, more intelligent life forms, with greater survivorship potential)
There is no reason to suggest that evolution is necessarily restricted to the history of Earth. e
Therefore one can deduce
Given an infinite number of Change events a maximized realization of progressive Evolution has occurred.

An intelligent, maximized progressively evolved being has therefore existed, and may (especially in view of enhanced survivor-ship) still exist.

An intelligent, maximally perfected being is God


a. Philosophically, the sum total of all existence could never have at any time been Nothing, as Nothing has no potential to produce anything or change into anything. Since we exist now, Something must have always existed. This statement also follows in physics from the Law of Conservation of Energy.

b. Philosophically, the sum total of all existence must have always had potential for change or else Existence would have (without potential for change) been forever "stuck" in one state. This is not the case now, hence potential for change has always existed.

c. By observation our present existence that matter and energy is in a continuous state of change. There is no evidence that this is ever not the case. There is no proposed mechanism where an all encompassing frozen state of all Existence could even be possible.

d. See Darwin. The theory of Evolution has almost universal acceptance as a governing Law of science.

e. Principle of modesty. It would be remarkable that our species (having undergone evolution) are unique amidst the cosmos.
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