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I wish you well in shitting yourself aboard an aircraft. I haven't yet managed that task but hope to, as long as it's well into my dotage.

You wanna know what the 9th Circle of Hell is? You wanna know what eternal damnation in the deepest darkest depths of perdition is?

Its being one of 26 passengers with a violent case of the shits on a 13 hour plane ride. That is absolutely the worst thing I can ever possibly imagine. Now granted this is a diesel plane with 10 bathrooms, but nonetheless. Being quarantined to the back of a flight with a bunch of South Americans shitting their pants 30,000 feet in the air for half a day are some of the worst human conditions I can possible imagine. Fucking musical chairs with the shitters on the plane pooping right on top of other peoples poop and vomit. Id say by the 3rd hour, my 9th or 10th shit, Id be praying for that plane to crash. There could be women and children on that plane. It could be a 747 filled with newborn infants and puppies and Id rather plummet into the side of a mountain than endure 10 more hours of shitting my brains out with a bunch of Chilean diarrhea victims.

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