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Egor wrote
Thatís not the way it works. When you die, assuming you are one with Christ, you will go on to the next phase of existence where you will have god-like powers of control. Without being in Christ you wouldnít be able to handle it.

From there, you will progress to another phase of existence where you disappear completely from that which you create, because that is the only way to love that which you have created. This disappearance will draw you even closer to a union with God.

After that phase of existence, I have no idea what happens, but eventually all that you have become is added to God, and he is magnified in his own sight. He is glorified to Himself and you share in that glory as one with God. Itís what Jesus meant when he said he was going to be seated at the right hand of glory.
So it's a pyramid scheme on a massive scale? God creates people, who become god-like themselves and create more people, who become god-like themselves and create more people, who become god-like themselves and create more people, and all the power goes up the pyramid.

You know what people who create those are? Scum.

Egor wrote View Post
Youíve lost me completely.
Bullshit. You know what I'm talking about.
You said that the good guy who spends his time saving people instead of worshipping will go to hell, and that he should spend his time not saving people and worshipping instead, that god can save people if he wants.

So I ask you if it was you or your wife that needed saving, you had to hear your wife's tortured screaming knowing no-one was coming to help because they all had to worship god instead, would you be okay with it?

And you know the worst part? The absolute worst-part?

Beneath the jerk-off almost non-answer, under all of that bullshit, between the lines: You would.

You think worshipping some false voice in your head is more important than saving your wife from a painful and torturous death.

You're a sick fuck, peddling a fucking pyramid scheme.

I think Smellyoldgit was right. I tried really hard for a long time to be accomodating to you, try to lead by example and maybe open you up to the idea that atheists aren't all the baby-eating monsters you said you already believed we were in your first post.

But you know what? I've seen enough of you now to know that I don't give a fuck what you think. The opinions of someone who very clearly should be under psychiatric observation hold no weight with me.
Hell, knowing your name and where you live, and that you hold some sort of medical licence, I have half a mind to find the appropriate board and report you just to make sure you're properly checked-out.

In other words.....

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