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Houses feel pain? I never knew! Where can I find the central nervous system in my house?
You weren't making arguments that feeling pain was necessary, but that animals are a large part of society (as per the money we spend on them) and are very important kinds of property. Both of these are true, but irrelevant, since other important types of property that members of society spend a lot of money on are presumably not eligible for the types of laws you favor.

As such, your rebuttal to my statement that animals are not members of society and are therefore not eligible for protection under the law is moot.

Rhino wrote
One could make the same argument for pedophilia.
One could, but it would fall apart pretty quickly given the number of rational arguments against legalizing pedophilia.

Rhino wrote
I could start talking about how this could fall under federal jurisdiction from the possibility of inter-state commerce, but I don't really care.
How would a woman having 100 cats in her trailer fall under the commerce clause, exactly?

Rhino wrote
I put down the anti-cruelty law as a suggestion from my girlfriend. That you are pro puppy torture doesn't really surprise me.
And it doesn't surprise me that you support laws without giving them much rational thought.

"When science was in its infancy, religion tried to strangle it in its cradle." - Robert G. Ingersoll
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