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christards have faith but then, where does faith stop and reason begin?

christards have faith in the stupidity of the babble. It claims, amongst other things, that a ghost raped a woman who had a child and remained a virgin. Believing in this isn't having faith. It is having stupidity.

There are no good philosophical reasons to believe in a higher power. In fact, there is every reason to believe that one does not exist.

The universe looks like it didn't have a creator. If it did, he's a malicious cunt. There's a neutron star pointed right at us. When it goes off, and go off it will, eventually, within micro-seconds, all life on Earth will be toast. What kind of creator does that?

The universe isn't particularly welcoming to Mankind. Most of the universe is space (which is finite you thick twat). If you think otherwise, go into outer space without a space suite and see how long you last. If a creator created the universe, I would have expected him to have created a more welcoming place for us Humans, wouldn't you?

Hell, Earth isn't that welcoming to Mankind either what with hurricanes, Sunamis and volcanic eruptions and the like. In fact, two thirds of the planet which god created for us is covered in water which, without articial means, Man is unable to survive in.

Man definitely looks at though he evolved. Look at the fragility of DNA, for example. One mutation could do no harm, one mutation could produce a being with a biological advantage and a third mutation could give rise to cancer. Do you feel lucky, punk?

Any medically-trained person will confirm that Man isn't particularly well designed. If your god created Man, then your god is a twat of a designer. Next time you pray to the ass hole, tell him that from me.

To be crude, what kind of designer is it that puts a woman's pleasure beach next to the sewage works?

What kind of god is it that gives young children cancer?

There's many other points I could bring up but that will suffice.

There are some mechanisms, largely theoretical, which have been developed that are capable of creating an embryonic universe out of which, the universe that we observe, could have been created.

Indeed, FERMILAB have already observed particle pairs being created out of nothing. It is perfectly possible, not just theoretically so, to create something out of nothing.

Read Krausse or others on this subject.

It may threaten your comfie blankie - but what the hell. You gotta grow up sometime.

I don't expect you to have thought about any of this because you are an ill-educated piss pot with pretensions of mediocrity.

But then, if you don't read about the non-god possibilities, how do you know how likely it is that it was 'your god what dunnit'?

Stop doing the weird shit and get an education, dumb-ass.
So much wrong or poorly thought out its disturbing.

Just one philosophical argument to cause suspician that a Higher Power may and very likely could exist.

If Cosmos infinite, (multiverse infinite) then their are infinite chances for a higher power, infinite chances for evolution including progressive evolution, possibly over infinite time.
If our universe is all there is, it is still miraculous that the physical constants are such that they are that organic life such as ours as evolved at all. That the rest of the universe is uninhabital doesn't change the remarkable coincidence of the physical constants. I've said before the rest of the universe could be placed there for beauty (oh how beautiful) and biblically the stars are used for navigation. The argument that the design of universe is inefficient carries little weight with a Creator having infinite resources at hand.

If you don't understand this argument you are as stupid as your posts imply.
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